At-Home Activities: Polar Quest - Seek Out New Lands

November 16-20

Workshop Class Activities

  1. Craft – Cornucopia

  2. Key Points – Polar Explorers

  3. Collaborative – Race to the Pole Game

  4. Language Arts – Foreign Language Simon Says

  5. Math/Logic – Mapping the Antarctic

  6. Prepare for Adventure – Polar Explorer Fashion Show

  7. Big Activity – Polar Waste Management (recycling)

  8. Movement – Pass the Present Game

Note: there will be no classes or at-home activities next week.

At-Home Activities

See a suggested week schedule at


  • various fiction and non-fiction books that relate to the poles

  • journal or lined paper

  • stationery

  • a cup of dry beans, a jar of pennies, a bag of marbles, or other large amount of an item

  • math bingo game problem cards and bingo cards – print the ones included or make your own

  • coins

  • sidewalk chalk

  • paper leaves, cut from construction paper

H10 P Math Bingo
Download PDF • 87KB


  • Various fiction and non-fiction books that relate to the poles



  • “The South Pole was like visiting Disneyland, Las Vegas, and Mars simultaneously.” – Victor Boyarsky

  • “Why then do we feel this strange attraction for these Polar Regions, a feeling so powerful and lasting, that when we return home we forget the mental and physical hardships, and want nothing more than to return to them?” – Jean-Baptiste Charcot