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Pharaohs Activities and Fireworks

October 28 - November 1

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Egyptian Art

2. Key Points – Life Like and Egyptian

3. Collaborative – Pharaoh's Crown Meanings

4. Language Arts – Pyramid Poetry

5. Math/Logic – Mummy's Curse Math

6. Character Connection – Pet Pictures Art

7. Big Activity – Make a Mummy

8. Movement - Posture Relay Race

Minecraft Activities

  1. Timeline of pharaohs

  2. Egyptian gods

  3. Mummies quiz

  4. build challenge: make a mummy or a statue of a pharaoh

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday Park Days at Santa Ana Zoo:

  • Disneyland meetup: November 10 – Ancient Civilizations

  • Ancient Festivals Celebration: December 16


  • Make a special newscast, documentary, or radio talk show about a pharaoh's life. You may conduct a mock interview of him or her.

  • Send a flat traveler to Egypt.

  • Try an online hieroglyphics translator:



  • Time Warp Trio Ancient Egypt:

  • Read some books set in ancient Egypt such as:

  • Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne

  • Missing Mummy by Ron Roy

  • Tut Tut by Jon Scieszka

  • Make an Egyptian costume:

  • Make a commercial to entice people to go to Egypt.

  • Make a big book about Egypt. Include large pictures of pharaohs, pyramids, mummies, and other aspects of ancient Egypt.

  • Make an outline that briefly tells Egypt’s history. Fold a piece of paper into thrids. Unfold. On each panel, write about or draw scenes from different time periods of Egypt’s history.

  • Make some papyrus.

  • Make a cartouche – write your name in hyroglyphs.

  • Make a lapbook about ancient Egypt, pharaohs, pyramids, or mummies.

  • Do some Egyptian Math:



  • Plant an Egyptian garden with onions, dill, leeks, radishes, and lettuce.

  • Dry some grapes to make raisins.

  • One reason why we know so much about Egypt today is because they had a system of writing and they wrote about their everyday lives. Write about your life. What things do you think people 3000 years from now would find interesting about your life?

  • Play Senet - a board game from ancient Egypt:

  • Narmer unified Egypt in 3100 BC, and the double crown was created by combining the white crown of Upper Egypt with the red crown of Lower Egypt. Create new symbols for a modern ficticious unification by combining the logos of two competitors. For example, what do you think the logo would be if Coke and Pepsi were united? What about Ford and Toyota, Apple and Microsoft, or the USA and Canada, etc?

  • Make up a song to memorize the countries in Africa.

  • Compare the Egyptian social classes with the social classes that exist in America today. Create a pyramid or chart that compares the two sets of social classes and illustrates the similarities and differences between them.

  • Make trading cards of the Egyptian Gods:

  • Do some Egyptian art activities:

  • Play Mehen:

  • Play some math games:

  • Make authentic Egyptian candy by mixing a cup of dates with enough water to create a paste. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a teaspoon of cardamom seeds to the mixture. Add half a cup of chopped walnuts and knead until fully mixed. Roll the mixture into bite-sized balls. Dip into honey and then roll in a dish of finely ground almonds. King Tut and Cleopatra enjoyed this treat!

  • Try some ancient Egyptian food:

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