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Charity Work

Fridays, 9:30 - 10:30

November 2 - December 14

Ages 5-12

$108 for six weeks

Students discuss local and distant human needs. Students plan and implement small and large projects to help others. Students will raise money for a cause of their choosing, making something

Activities include:

  1. What is community?

  2. Choose and plan a large community project

  3. Choose an organization to donate profits from business fair to.

  4. Make products to sell at business fair.

  5. Work on small service projects:

  6. Write letters to soldiers

  7. Random acts of kindness

  8. Pay it forward

  9. Surprise greeting cards

  10. "Secret Service Missions”

  11. #kindness rocks

  12. Make no-sew blankets for Project Linus

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