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Activities and Fireworks for Hospitality

October 15-19

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Napkin Folding

2. Key Points - Hospitality

3. Collaborative – Party Planning

4. Writing – Book Report

5. Math/Logic – Morra: Ancient Greece math game

6. Genius Principle – Sidekick – being a friend

7. Big Activity – Mealtime Etiquette

8. Movement - Serving Tray balancing game

Minecraft Activities

  1. Review the story of the Odyssey

  2. Experience elements of hospitality

  3. Play a party game

  4. Build challenge: Decorate for Halloween

Upcoming Events

  • Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana:

  • Disneyland meetup: October 17 - Hospitality

  • Field trips – Note: some trips have limited space – register now!!

  • 10/31 Calico Ghost Town

  • 11/14 Solar Tour and Demo

  • 11/28 Prosthetics Tour

  • 10/24 Celebration: Odysseus's Homecoming


Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • What is your favorite dinner food? Find a recipe for this food and figure out how much of each ingredient you would need if you were to feed twenty people.

  • Compare the Odyssey to the Wizard of Oz: the Lotus-Eaters/the field of poppies, Poseidon/the Wicked Witch of the West, Athena/Glenda the good witch, Odysseus's crew/Dorothy's companions, and the journey home.

  • Write a full book report on the Odyssey.

  • Try some of the foods eaten in the Odyssey: goat, cheese, goat's milk, mutton, honey, white barley meal, fish, birds, meat, bread, ambrosia, red nectar, olive oil, figs, pears, apples.

  • Practice various napkin folding techniques.

  • Plan a party

  • Make wrapping paper by stamping newsprint.

  • Make greeting cards.

  • Prepare and serve a fancy meal for your family or other guests.

  • Listen to some music that originates in ancient Greece.

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