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Craftsmanship Activities and Fireworks

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Scary Shield

2. Key Points – Assembling a Craft

3. Collaborative – Guilds

4. Writing - Captions

5. Math/Logic - Crafters' Wages

6. Genius Principle - Hobbies

7. Big Activity - Woodworking

8. Movement - Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Minecraft Activities

  1. Woodworking

  2. Various Crafts

  3. Crafting Fair

  4. Build Challenge: Interior Design

Disneyland Meetup

  1. Observe various crafts within the park

  2. Interview a crafter

  3. Go on a hunt for more arts and crafts

Upcoming Activities

  • Weekly Teen Hang Outs – Wednesdays in Santa Ana

  • 5/9 Disneyland meetup: Craftsmanship


Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Read books about craftsmen.

  • Try out a new craft. Here are some suggestions:

  • cake decorating

  • book making

  • robotics

  • flower arranging

  • stop action movie

  • sewing

  • Observe a craftsman or woman doing their craft.

  • Make a list of the crafts that members of you family have done. Include extended family. Put the list in alphabetical order.

  • Make some items you can donate to a children's hospital or shelter.

  • Tour a factory.

  • Find a craftsman that you can be an apprentice for.

  • Visit craft booth at a fair or farmer's market. Ask the craftsmen how they do their craft and how long it takes for them to make one item. Can you estimate how much the crafter makes for each item sold?

  • Learn about the history of trades in your community. What was the first industry in your community? How have changes in technology influenced the development of industry in your community?

  • Play the Lemonade Stand game.

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