Leonardo's Masterpieces


Workshop Activities

  • Craft – Found Art Mona Lisa

  • Key Points – Leonardo's Masterpieces Gallery

  • Collaborative – Finding Leonardo's Masterpieces – mapping activity

  • Writing – Mona Lisa's Smile – apostrophe exercise

  • Math/Logic – Full Size – measuring out the size of Leonardo's paintings

  • Genius Principle – Brain Facts

  • Big Activity – Masterpiece Album

  • Movement - Artwork Charades

Disneyland Meetup

  • Introduction to Leonardo's masterpieces

  • Many art mediums in the parks

  • Forced Perspective

  • Observing statues, illuminated Manuscripts, and edible art

  • Visit Animation Academy

Minecraft Class

  • A hunt through Leonardo's masterpieces

  • A painting game

  • Portraying emotion in art

  • Build Challenge: Create a statue of one of Leonardo's paintings

Upcoming Activities

  • Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 10am

Newport Beach

per person (student and parent), Free for ages 3 and under

  • Book Arts Tour at the International Print Museum

Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 10-12

Carson $12 per person (even if not participating), Free for ages 3 and under

Both field trips are still open for registration. Go here to register: https://www.celebrationeducation.com/field-trips


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Observe Leonardo’s paintings. Why do you think his paintings are more popular than the paintings by other artists of the time? Write your thoughts in your notebook.

  • Learn more about Leonardo and his masterpieces: https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/renaissance-reformation/high-ren-florence-