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AT-Home Activities: Desert Adventure - Seek Out New Lands

January 25-29

Workshop Classes Activities

  1. Craft – Aboriginal Dot Painting

  2. Key Points – Desert Adventures

  3. Collaborative – Book of Seasons

  4. Language Arts – Arabic Calligraphy

  5. Math/Logic – Alquerque Game

  6. Prepare for Adventure – Wind Power

  7. Big Activity – Lamingtons

  8. Movement – Play with Boomerangs

At-Home Activities

See a suggested week schedule at


• various fiction and non-fiction books that relate to Deserts

• notebook or lined paper

• times tables chart (included)

• magic squares (included)

• 3 dice

• large paper

H16 Times Table and Magic Squares
Download PDF • 134KB


Various fiction and non-fiction books that relate to Deserts



“Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.” - Charles M. Schulz

“Whatever has made, or does make, or may make music, should be held sacred as the golden bridle-bit of the Shah of Persia's horse, and the golden hammer, with which his hoofs are shod.” - Herman Melville

Language arts lesson

A biography is the story of a real person’s life. It doesn’t have to tell about a person’s whole life, but what it tells must be true. A short biography might describe just a few important events in someone’s life. A biography generally tells:

• when and where the person was born

• the persons’ skills and accomplishments

• important life events

• the person’s legacy

Writing Activity

write a biography about a desert explorer such as Lord Carnarvon, Howard Carter, Lady Evelyn Herbert, Robert Burke, William Wills, John King, Rene Caillie, Cornelia White, or Dr. Florilla White.


Write your own biography.


Math Concept

Integral to the daily and ceremonial lives of the Hopi, their baskets are among the most appreciated and sought-after art forms of the U.S. Southwest. Notice the intricate designs:

Math Project

Create geometric designs on a times table chart by coloring in the squares which correspond to answers of the multiplication tables. For example, you may want to color in all the multiples of three. On another times table chart, color all the multiples of four. Repeat with as many numbers as you like. Which makes the nicest pattern?

See other challenges here:

Math Concept

Magic Squares are square grids with a special arrangement of numbers in them. These numbers are special because every row, column and diagonal adds up to the same number. See more about magic squares:

Math Project

Complete some magic squares then try making some magic squares of your own! Use the included magic squares or the ones found here:

Mental math

Play a game with three dice. Roll all three dice at once then sets the highest die aside. Roll the remaining two, and again set aside the highest. Roll the last die, then add all three together. Each player takes a turn doing this, with the highest score winning the round. Play a set number of rounds, or see who can get to a designated number like 100 first.

Math games

Each player will write the numbers 1-18 as a number line on a paper. On your turn, roll three dice. You will add or subtract the amounts shown and cross off the sums or differences on your number line. However, the numbers must be crossed off in order. For example, if you roll and get the numbers 4, 3, and 2, you could say 3-2=1 and you can cross off your 1. You could also say 4-2=2, so you can cross off your 2. You cannot add or subtract anything to make 3, so your turn is over. Players take turns in this manner until someone reaches 18.


Research and Report

Make a short documentary video about Aboriginal Australians.

Themed Fireworks Project

Make a board game set in the desert.

6-week project

• Using the outline or mind map you made last week, write the first draft of your written report.

• Work on your display.


Visit a plant store, greenhouse, or botanical garden.

Other Ideas

  • Visit a plant store, greenhouse or botanical garden that has cacti. Take sketch pads, crayons and pencils to make drawings of what you see. Look for special features that help these plants deal with desert conditions: waxy coverings, spines, water storing tissue, and light coloring.

  • Practice calligraphy.

  • Make up a song to memorize the countries in Africa.

  • Make a Native American project from Build-A-Project. Use promo code “celebration15” to get 15% off:

  • Try one or two different ways to tell time without a clock:

  • Make a brochure that would entice people to visit the Valley of the Kings.

  • Send a flat traveler to Australia:

  • Prepare a Persian meal.

Go to to find out more about:

• field trips

• in-person classes

• online classes

• at-home materials


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