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High School Biology

16-week High School Biology Enrichment Class

Studying cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems

Grades 7-12 4 x four-week units Wednesdays 11:00am-12:30pm February 6 – May 29

Course Cost: $400 or $100/unit

Celebration Education 2020 East First Street, Ste 103, Santa Ana, 92705

This fun hands-on biology class involves group participation in a laboratory setting. We study life starting from unicellular microorganisms like bacteria to complex multicellular organisms like humans. The students will learn how to grow bacteria in a Petri dish, how to work with a compound microscope to study cells and human tissue microslides, and how to dissect various organisms and compare their anatomy with each other. To learn about anatomy and physiology of various organs, we will dissect mammal's organs and then move on to dissecting the whole animal.


  • Unit 1: February 8 - March 1 Molecules and Cells; Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

  • Unit 2: March 8-29 Histology and Microscopy (off April 5)

  • Unit 3: April 12 - May 3 Organs and Organ Systems

  • Unit 4: May 10-31 Animal Dissection

About the Instructor

Dr Nakisa Nowroozi – Biology Course Instructor


PhD Craniofacial & Molecular Biology University of Southern California, Los Angeles M.S. Biochemistry University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Dr Nowroozi is the High school biology course instructor. She currently teaches at Orange Coast College (OCC), where she has been an instructor since the year 2007. She obtained her PhD degree in Craniofacial and Molecular Biology and her Master's degree in Biochemistry from University of Southern California. She then completed a one-year post doctoral fellowship at University of California Irvine (UCI), worked at Allergan Pharmaceuticals as a Medical Communications Supervisor, and returned to UCI as a Research Associate, before starting her teaching career at OCC.

Her homeschooled college students have repeatedly impressed Dr Nowroozi with their peaceful presence, genuine curiosity, intellectual questions, and respectful manners.

Considering homeschooling her teenage son, she noticed a shortage in quality live learning centers where students could attend and receive instructions on high school courses from competent teachers. So she decided to offer high school biology courses to homeschoolers; where homeschoolers can meet a few days a week, get instructions, actively participate in discussions, get home assignments, and get equipped with proper study tools. To optimally grasp the study concepts, it’s important for the students to have a physical classroom to be with their peers and to discuss their learning material with each other and the teacher.

Besides teaching science, Dr Nowroozi is very passionate about teaching her students the importance of a healthy nutrient dense diet and its significant impact on the students’ academic performance. She is a strong proponent of outdoor educational activities and of minimizing unnecessary electronics exposure. She incorporates health tips when teaching various subjects to her students. Dr Nowroozi respects planet Earth and discourages accumulating waste. She feels strongly on educating adolescence to be kind to Earth and connected to nature.

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