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Ghosts Activities and Fireworks

October 29 – November 2

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Ghostly Treats

2. Key Points – Ghosts in books and movies

3. Collaborative – Ghosts in the Mansion

4. Writing – Copying Letters

5. Math/Logic – Math Tricks and Treats

6. Genius Principle – Breaking Chains

7. Big Activity – Ghostly Experiments

8. Movement - Ghosts in the Graveyard

Minecraft Activities

  1. History and background of ghosts

  2. Charting those that believe in ghosts

  3. Experiencing illusions

  4. Build challenge: Build a Ghost

Upcoming Events

  • Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana – none this week – join us next week!

  • Disneyland meetup: 11/7 - Illusions

  • Field trips – Note: some trips have limited space – register now!!

  • 10/31 Calico Ghost Town

  • 11/14 Solar Tour and Demo

  • 11/28 Prosthetics Tour

  • 12/17 Celebration: Christmas with the Scrooge


Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Make a haunted mansion of your own, using optical illusions, surprises, and other tricks.

  • Color the story of A Christmas Carol:

  • Describe the differences between scared and brave. Write about it.

  • Make a list of five superstitions. Where do these superstitions come from? Do you believe in any of these superstitions?

  • Write a spooky story.

  • Make a haiku about a haunted house.

  • What is scary? Categorize different haunted house experiences with a rating system. For example, what would be OK for a 13-year-olds, but not a 5-year-old? Write down the categories with explanations and examples.

  • Give a critique of the special effects in the Haunted Mansion. Are they realistic? Can you figure out how they are done? Can you make better special effects?

  • Is it good or bad for young children to go to haunted houses or horror movies? Write why you believe that way.

  • Make your own Pepper's ghost illusion.

  • Are ghosts real? What is a ghost anyway? Ask people you know what their opinions about ghosts are. Formulate your own opinion. Write about it.

  • Make some dry ice root beer:

  • Do some Trick or Treat math:






  • Play a ghost word game:

  • Do something that scares you.

  • Play a ghost math game with a friend:

  • Make a model of a London mansion.

  • Make a ghost costume.

  • Make a mosaic of a ghost.

  • Pretend that a new ghost has come to live in the neighborhood. Write an announcement that can be placed in the local paper.

  • If a ghost were haunting your home, what would you do? Pretend you have a conversation with the ghost. What would you say? What does the ghost tell you about his life? Do you think you could get the ghost to stop haunting your home? Write about it.

  • Start a “book in a bag” book report about A Christmas Carol. Put the book title, the author, and a picture on the front of the bag. In the bag, you will place things that represent items in the story.

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