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Technical Drawing Activities and Fireworks

March 26-30

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Drawing With Technical Tools

2. Key Points – Types of Technical Drawings

3. Collaborative – Elevation Drawings

4. Writing – His and Hers - Pronouns

5. Math/Logic – Scale it Up – Making scale drawings

6. Genius Principle – Giving Advice

7. Big Activity – Exploding Views

8. Movement - Poison Game

Field Trip

3/28 Bridges Tour

Minecraft Activities

  1. Exploded View Diagrams

  2. Floor Plan Drawings

  3. Elevation View Drawings

  4. Architectural Drawings

  5. Build Challenge – make a building according to drawings

Upcoming Activities

  • Weekly Teen Hang Outs – Wednesdays in Santa Ana

  • 4/11 Leonardo's Birthday


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Design a new kind of car. Make technical drawings to show the details of the car.

  • Explore technical drawings:

  • Make your own Lego structure. Take pictures or make drawings to show how to make the structure.

  • Choose a machine that interests you. Sketch it whole. Show the different angles. Take the machine apart and sketch the parts. How does the machine work?

  • Make technical drawings for an item to be patented.

  • Sketch an item from many different angles, including the front, back, two sides, top and bottom. Practice perspectives by drawing with a corner facing you.

  • Design a bird house by sketching all the views. Be sure to include measurements. Make the birdhouse according to your design. What adjustments to your design did you need to make? Write about your experience in your notebook.

  • If you had to sketch an item using only two perspectives, which two would you use? Demonstrate. Why did you choose those two?

  • Play “Point Out the View” at PBS:

  • Pick out a newspaper article that contains some interesting statistics about the weather, sports scores, etc. Use these statistics to make a bar graph.

  • Make an ellipse using the pins and string method:

  • It is said that a picture is worth 1000 words. Choose a picture. Use 1000 words to describe it.

  • Do some Wall-E math:

  • Measure sports balls:

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