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Art History Activities and Fireworks

Feb 26 – March 2

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Cave Paintings

2. Key Points – Gallery of art history

3. Collaborative – Art Styles

4. Writing – Parts of Speech

5. Math/Logic – Golden Rectangle

6. Genius Principle - Polyhedra

7. Big Activity – Art Styles Game

8. Movement - "Un, due, tre per le vie di Roma” game

Field Trip

Laguna Beach Art Walk

Minecraft Activities

  1. Label famous works of art

  2. art styles mini build

  3. identify the real paintings that the Minecraft paintings are inspired by

  4. build challenge: make your favorite art

Upcoming Activities

  • Weekly Teen Hang Outs – Wednesdays in Santa Ana, 2-8

  • Santa Ana classes starting Friday:

  • High school literature and writing

  • sign language for teens

  • geology: gems and minerals for teens

  • architecture for K-8

  • food art for k-8

  • exploring art


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Notice art in every-day life. How much art is there in the things you see and use every day? Write about it in your notebook.

  • Write your own critique of a piece of art of your choice.

  • Pretend you had a conversation with the subject of a painting. What painting would you have a conversation with? Why? What would you discuss? Write your conversation in your notebook.

  • After reading Sluggers' Car Wash or Lemonade for Sale, help your kids to set up a little business of their own. How much should they charge? What is the cost of supplies? How much profit will they make if you have twenty customers?

  • Who is your favorite painter? Study his/her life and work. Read everything you can about this person. Perhaps visit some of their work. Hang reproductions of your favorite paintings by him/her throughout the house.

  • Observe a piece of art. Answer as many of the following questions as you like. Put write your answers in your notebook.

  • What message is the artist trying to portray?

  • What type of painting is it?

  • What medium is used?

  • What technique is used?

  • Are there symbols in the painting?

  • When was it painted?

  • What events surrounded the work of art?

  • Do you like the painting? Explain.

  • How does the painting make you feel?

  • Does the painting remind you of something else?

  • Discuss with family or friends, “What is art?”

  • A metaphor is something that represents something else, like a lion can represent a king, or a fire can represent destruction. Make your own art piece that is a metaphor for your life.

  • Make up your own story, poem, or song about a painting that you observe.

  • Draw a comic strip about some people looking at an odd piece of art.

  • Browse the Websites of five living artists.

  • Read fiction and non-fiction about art and artists.

  • Play math games.

  • What is your favorite style of art? Why? Practice some of that art style.

  • Play some online art games:

  • Work on your own genius project.

  • Write a poem that tells the story of the history of art.

  • Have a discussion with an art curator. What criteria are used to decide what art to collect? What criteria would you use?

  • Color a coloring book page in Pointillism style.

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