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Senses Fireworks

Workshop Activities

  • Craft – Scented Senses – paint with scented paint

  • Key Points – Roll a Sense game

  • Collaborative – Avenues to the Brain – quick reports

  • Writing – Describe This! - Adjectives

  • Math/Logic – Chart it Up – Chart and Graph the results of a survey

  • Genius Principle – Senses Self-Assessment

  • Big Activity – Sensorama – Experiencing all the senses

  • Movement - Blind Man's Bluff

Field Trip

  • Book Arts Tour at the International Printing Museum in Carson Wednesday, October 18th, 10am, $12 per person Participants will take a tour of the printing presses, typeset and print some pages, and bind books. There is still room in this trip – register today so we know you're coming!

Minecraft Class

  • Students become the messengers from the senses into the brain and back.

  • Tour of inner ear and eye.

  • Students battle bacteria from nose.

  • Build challenge – Students build their own senses and create the nervous system.

Upcoming Activities

  • Renaissance Faire

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Our own Renaissance Faire - put on by the students! Families may wear Renaissance costumes


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Test perceptions of height and distance, then measure the actual height of a tree (triangulation)

  • Make a book or picture using different textured fabric (net, felt, fur) or other objects (sandpaper, buttons, cotton balls.)

  • Write about your experiences with food as a story with the title "Foods That Taste Better Than They Look" or about "Foods That Look Better Than They Taste."

  • Put on a blindfold. Have your partner place different foods into your mouth. Can you guess what they are? What if you plug your nose as well?

  • Try some Baci Perugina . Translate the messages and/or write your on messages.

  • Read and write in Braille.

  • Go on a nature walk. Observe using all of your senses (as possible). Write about and/or sketch your observations in your notebook.

  • Draw your own optical illusions.

  • Do some smells remind you of things that have happened before? Write about it.

  • Go on a smells scavenger hunt.

  • Set up and perform a taste test with your family and friends. Graph the results of the taste test.

  • Rainbow colors always appear in the same order. Sing the “Rainbow Song,” sung to the tune or “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”:

  • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and vi-o-let, First the rain, and then the sun, A rainbow's what you get!

  • Go on a listening walk. Write down all the sounds you hear. Do you know what all the sounds are from?

  • Experiment with a tuning fork. What can you discover about sound vibrations?

  • Leonardo's studio was a sensory treasure trove filled with music, flowers, and beautiful scents. Create your own work space that is peaceful, beautiful and well-lit.

  • Experiment with mixing colors – color a disk and spin it on a top.

  • Do a senses writing workshop lesson:

  • Do some of the experiments found in the Hearing and Sound Waves Lesson Plan:

  • Use a prism to reflect sunlight to see and talk about the different colors.

  • Experiment with

  • optics/light/fiber-optics.

  • sound/sound waves/music

  • taste/smell/touch

  • Make a collage of pictures of people using their senses.

  • Do some Double Dare Addition:!-lesson-plan/

  • Make a collage or draw a picture of something in a way that would describe how something sounds, smells, tastes, or feels. If desired, make a representation of all five senses in one picture.

  • Pick out the patterns:

  • Create a Halloween poem, with five verses, one for each of the senses. Describe how your experience Halloween through these senses.

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