Eat Right & Exercise

You hear it all the time: Eat right & exercise. Not only is it good for the body, but it is good for the brain. You think more clearly, learn faster, and remember for longer. Let's help our children increase brain power by offering healthy foods and by encouraging them to get out and play!

Transportation Activities and Fireworks

April 17 - 21 Workshop Activities 1. Craft - Postcards - Students make postcards from around the world 2. Key Points – History of Travel - game 3. Collaborative – Marauder's Map - Map your area 4. Writing – Gift Horse - idioms 5. Math/Logic - Hands - measure horse height 6. Character Connection – Vehicle Project -Students create their own transportation 7. Big Activity – Compass Game - 8. Movement – Wheelbarrow Races Weekly Disney Days Activities 1. Build a transportation device 2. Identify animals that people use for transportation 3. Discuss the invention of the wheel 4. Math Question: What will happen as the wheel gets bigger - identify radius, diameter, circumference, and pi. 5. Map out

Electricity, Light, Illusions

Class activities and Fireworks/Quests 4/3-4/7 Workshop 1. Craft – Make beeswax candles 2. Key Points – Game about the history of electricity 3. Collaborative - Make circuits 4. Writing – Make a patent application 5. Math/Logic - Compare Harry Potter measurements to metrics 6. Character Connection – Edison's persistance and his 2,332 patents 7. Big Activity – Gadget dissection 8. Movement - Electricity game Weekly Disney Days Easter Craft Experiment with magnets language concept: The word Electric comes from the Latin electricus, meaning "Amber". Amber was one of the first substances that demonstrated attraction of objects when rubbed (Static Electricity) Electricity quiz game Main Street Ele

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