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Transportation Activities and Fireworks

April 17 - 21

Workshop Activities

1. Craft - Postcards - Students make postcards from around the world

2. Key Points – History of Travel - game

3. Collaborative – Marauder's Map - Map your area

4. Writing – Gift Horse - idioms

5. Math/Logic - Hands - measure horse height

6. Character Connection – Vehicle Project -Students create their own transportation

7. Big Activity – Compass Game -

8. Movement – Wheelbarrow Races

Weekly Disney Days Activities

1. Build a transportation device

2. Identify animals that people use for transportation

3. Discuss the invention of the wheel

4. Math Question: What will happen as the wheel gets bigger - identify radius, diameter, circumference, and pi.

5. Map out the physics of how the cart works

Standard Disney Days Activities:

1. Craft: Horse

2. Main key Points: History of Transportation

3. Follow-up Activity – Animals as Transportation

4. Collaboration - Compass activity

5. Hunt – Types of Transportation

Minecraft Activities

1. Transportation quiz game

2. Ride donkeys in the Grand Canyon

3. Race with different types of transportation

4. Build Challenge: Design a type of land transportation that does not use wheels or fire


Collect ten idioms and their meanings. Find their origins. When and where were they first used? Put the idioms in order and find their origin places on a world map.

Create a wall display that marks the standard heights for different breeds of horses and ponies. Figure out what each measurement is in feet and inches and then mark them with a cut out of a horse.

Do road trip math:

Write down a typical daily schedule. Choose a country that is in a different time zone. Discover what time it is in that country when you are doing your tasks here.

Design maps that correspond to various settings in the Harry Potter books such as Harry's Muggle home on Privet Drive, Hogwarts school, or Diagon Alley.

Compare the speeds of these vehicles:

  • Bus

  • Car

  • Truck

  • Garbage truck/Recycling truck

  • Airplane

  • Train

  • Dump truck

  • Backhoe

  • Police car

  • Ambulance

  • Fire truck

  • Boat/Ship

  • Motorcycle

  • Transport Truck

  • Helicopter

  • Subway

In your yard at home, make a scooter obstacle course with road signs for you and your friends to navigate through.

Do some travel word puzzles:




Play a map routes and directions game:

Choose your favorite Harry Potter character. Create a poster-sized illustration about this character, complete with quotes that the character is known for.

Map where your food comes from:

Make a collage of various types of transportation.

Make a Maurader's Map:




Use salt dough to make earth's continents in 3D.

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