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Electricity, Light, Illusions

Class activities and Fireworks/Quests



1. Craft – Make beeswax candles

2. Key Points – Game about the history of electricity

3. Collaborative - Make circuits

4. Writing – Make a patent application

5. Math/Logic - Compare Harry Potter measurements to metrics

6. Character Connection – Edison's persistance and his 2,332 patents

7. Big Activity – Gadget dissection

8. Movement - Electricity game

Weekly Disney Days

  1. Easter Craft

  2. Experiment with magnets

  3. language concept: The word Electric comes from the Latin electricus, meaning "Amber". Amber was one of the first substances that demonstrated attraction of objects when rubbed (Static Electricity)

  4. Electricity quiz game

  5. Main Street Electrical Parade Math challenge

  6. Experiment wih bending light.

  7. Character connection – Geppetto - Persistance

  8. Discover various light illusions on Haunted Mansion

Standard Disney Days 4/5

1. Craft: Easter Eggs

2. Main key Points - graph temperatures

3. Follow-up Activity – Static electricity experiments

4. Collaboration – Bending Light experiments

Minecraft Activities

1. Experience the deluminator

2. Electricity and light quiz game

3. Create the history of light bulb invention

4. Play hide and seek

5. Build challenge - create different types of electricity and light


  • Compare pounds to stones and kilograms.

  • Do some math lessons at AdaptedMind:

  • Make electricity inventors trading cards and put them in order.

  • Make squishy circuits:

  • Experiment with static electricity:



  • Trace the history of the meter. Find out when and how the length of the meter was first established. Explore how the method of establishing the scientific length of the meter has changed over the last 200 years. Write a brief report to present to the class.

  • Consider what you want to be when you grow up. Can you think of something that can be invented that will improve that industry?

  • Make an electromagnet:

  • List your favorite foods. Look at the packages to see how much food is in each package in both English and metric units. (Both are usually listed.) At the grocery store, find out the prices of these foods. Was the price more or less than they thought? Can you notice anything about the price of food when it is bought in bulk as compared with when it is bought in small amounts?

  • Who is your favorite inventor? Why do you choose that person?

  • With your parent’s help, “invent” a recipe and cook or bake it. Serve it at dinner for your family.

  • Play a metrics game:



  • Make molded or dipped candles from paraffin.

  • Make a virtual circuit:



  • Visit the patent office Web site:

  • Make a collage or other display to show the things that Edison studied, discovered, and invented.

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