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Wizards' Yule Ball

Workshop Activities

1. Ornament Craft

2. House Points

3. Christmas Crackers Game

4. Gift Exchange Dice Game

5. 12 Days of Christmas

6. Champions Waltz

7. Popular dance

8. Feast/refreshments

Holiday Quests

Do something extra nice for someone.

Be a secret Santa for someone.

Make some gifts to give to others.

Earn some money to use to buy gifts for others.

Read to your pygmy puff pet every day.

Write thank-you notes for the gifts you receive.

Help out at a local animal shelter to help pets get homes for the holidays.

Write about one of your family’s holiday traditions.

If on the first day of Christmas a person received one gift (a partridge in a pear tree), and on the second day of Christmas a person received three gifts (two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree), how many gifts would that person receive in all twelve days of Christmas?

Write a letter to Santa Claus.

How much would it cost if a person were to give all the gifts mentioned in the 12 Days of Christmas song?

What are the odds of having a white Christmas in the U.K.? 

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