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Revolutionary War Field Trip

Wednesday, February 19, 10am start time

--->> Arrive at 9:30 for a Colonial-Era game with Celebration Education and 9:45 check-in.

Colonial Chesterfield at Riley’s Farm: 12261 South Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen See directions here.

Description of tour

The struggle for independence is more than charts, trends, and abstract academic theories.

It is the story of what Patrick Henry labeled “wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty!”

Re-live that great struggle and bring the American Revolution alive!

Our group will be one “townships” among several. After an opening skirmish we will visit a variety of village posts. where we participate in several hands-on stations with fun and challenging activities at each one.

After we’re done with the village posts we’ll have a brief lunch. A soldier’s ration of lemonade, cornbread, cheese, an apple and dried beef. If that’s not enough, visit the Bakery, General Store, of Hawk’s Head Publick House. You can also bring your own food to supplement your ration.

After lunch, students get to participate in a mock battle, a recreation of the 1775 Battle of St. George’s Tavern. We will use our martial drilling training to defend the tavern behind a dry stone wall while the Redcoat Townships will attempt to march on the tavern.

This tour’s educational content is geared towards 5th grade curriculum, but is fun for all ages, young and old.


(Tour content may vary)

The Stamp Act In 1765, King George the III levied a tax upon the American Colonists known as the Stamp Act; a fee to be paid on every form of printed document. Decide where you stand as an American. Will you pay your tax or stand firm against the Tax collector Andrew Oliver? “No Taxation without Representation!”

The Admiralty Court

Experience the injustes of the meritime Admiralty Court led by loyalist judge Robert Auchmooty. Students will be put on trial for smuggling, and attempt to win their freedom before a kingsman who acts as judge, jury and prosecution.

The Quartering Act King George ordered the Colonists to surrender their homes to British Regulars whenever called upon. Americans would have to house and feed the soldiers under the Quartering Act law, even if they had to temporarily live elsewhere. You may even witness firsthand the type of illegal search of private quarters that gave rise to our Fourth Amendment!

A Well Regulated Militia Fall in line and learn to march, turn, and fire your musket as a enlistee into the township militia. This training may prove useful if the Regulars intend on attacking the township!

The Blacksmith Learning the trade of a Blacksmith entailed committing to a seven-year apprenticeship. What how iron was forged into useful tools, or how pewter was transformed from molten metal to toy soldiers.

18th Century Games “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Experience various games children would play during the 18th century. Try your hand at Trapball, Hoop and Stick, the Game of Graces, and more!

Etiquette As a young boy, not yet sixteen years of age, George Washington copied out a set of instructions regarding proper social behavior in a book he titled, ‘The Rules Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.” Learn the proper way to conduct yourself in the atmosphere of 18th century social protocol.

Weaving After England announced its intention to govern in various avenues in American living, King George took an investment in cloth. Many Colonists took to a patriotic stance to refuse trade with English broadcloth.


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