At-Home Activities: Training for Adventure

January 4-8

Workshop Class Activities

  • Craft – Make a Book Cover

  • Key Points – Steps to Success in Exploring

  • Collaborative – Quadrat Sampling

  • Language Arts – Foreign Languages

  • Math/Logic – Library Activity - finding books in a library

  • Prepare for Adventure – Adventure Stories

  • Big Activity – Map Making

  • Movement - Presidential Youth Fitness Program

At-Home Activities

See a suggested week schedule at


• various fiction and non-fiction books that relate to deserts

• notebook or lined paper

• money: 10 dollars, dimes, and pennies (You can include other denominations if you want a harder challenge)

• blank checks (included)

• deck of cards

• for quadrat: ruler or measuring tape, skewers or stakes, string or yarn

blank checks
Download PDF • 128KB


Various fiction and non-fiction books that relate to deserts, such as:

• Holes

• The Magic School Bus Gets All Dried Up

• Dingoes at Dinnertime



  • “Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.” – Danny Kaye

  • “Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively, unless you can choose a challenge instead of a competence.” – Eleanor Roosevelt