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Asian Lore Activities and Fireworks

December 9-13

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Terracotta Warriors

2. Key Points – Asian Lore

3. Collaborative – Dragon Ball

4. Language Arts – Slat Books

5. Math/Logic - Nim

6. Character Connection – Great Wall of Friendship

7. Big Activity – Happy Birthday Everybody!

8. Movement - Chinese Jump Rope

Minecraft Activities

  1. Mythical Creatures Collaborative Builds

  2. Crafting Math

  3. Celebrate Chinese New Year

  4. Build Challenge: Mythical Beasts

Upcoming Events

  • Park Days at Santa Ana Zoo:

  • Disneyland meetup: December 10 – Ancient Festivals:

  • Ancient Festivals Celebration


Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Prepare and share a report about one of the Chinese dynasties.

  • Prepare a travel brochure or video commercial to encourage people to visit China.

  • Prepare and perform a reader's theater of a story from traditional Chinese folklore.

  • Interview someone from China.

  • Learn a traditional Chinese song and/or dance.

  • Make paper.

  • Make a fun dragon:

  • Make a Chinese flag:



  • Play ping pong.

  • Make a Chinese gong:

  • Do a China mapping worksheet:

  • Estimate how much it would cost for your family to take a vacation in China.

  • An abacus is a tool used in China for counting and doing simple arithmetic. It is the forerunner of modern-day calculators. The abacus is still used in China as well as other Asian countries. Try doing your math on an abacus.

  • Play some Chinese new year games:

  • Get your Chinese name:

  • Do some tangrams activities:

  • Answer questions about ancient China:

  • Do some Time warp trio:

Field Trip Ideas

  • Visit China Town

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