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Activities and Fireworks for England

November 5-9

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Heraldry Banners

2. Key Points - England

3. Collaborative – Historic Buildings (Stonehenge and Castles)

4. Writing – English English

5. Math/Logic – Clock Chimes

6. Genius Principle – Time Travel

7. Big Activity – Black Death

8. Movement - Blind-man's Bluff

Minecraft Activities

  1. Visit the Ghost of Christmas Past

  2. Quick builds of London landmarks

  3. Medieval banners

  4. England quiz game

  5. Build challenge: Castle parts

Upcoming Events

  • Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana:

  • Disneyland meetup: November 5 - Illusions

  • Field trips – Note: some trips have limited space – register now!!

  • 11/14 Solar Tour and Demo

  • 11/28 Prosthetics Tour

  • 10/24 Celebration: Christmas With the Scrooge:


Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Play forfeits:

  • Experience some festivals, food, feasts, fairs & marketplaces from historic and modern England.

  • Experience some music from England. Perhaps learn a song on the recorder.

  • Act out a scene from the Arthurian legends.

  • Use these scripts to act out Black Death situations:

  • Make an edible map of England using brownies, Jell-o, cake, cookies, or mashed potatoes, etc.

  • Map the spread of the bubonic plague from Central Asia to China, the Middle East, and Europe and describe its impact on global population.

  • Make a model of a castle:

  • Make a gingerbread castle:

  • Make a display that shows the different types of London transportation:

  • London Underground

  • double-decker buses

  • Boat rides on the Thames

  • London Eye

  • cab

  • What did the Ghost of Christmas Past look like? Draw it.

  • Make a holiday mosaic from found materials.

  • Practice some probablility math:

  • Identify the United Kingdom capitals:

  • Do some brass rubbing.

  • Make a catapult.

  • Page 29 mentions “forty children conducting themselves like one.” This refers to a poem by William Wadsworth called Written in March. All school children in 1843 would have been familiar with Wordsworth’s poems. English school children even today memorize Wordsworth’s poems. Memorize a poem to share.

  • Do some online jousting:

  • Make and use salt dough create a monument for England. You may make a miniature Stonehenge design your own burial grounds monument.

  • Use what you know about levers, wheels, and pulleys to make a gadget that can lift a brick and move it one foot or more. Draw a diagram that shows how it works.

  • Make a sundial.

  • Make banners and shields with your own crest on it.

  • Make and use wax seal stamps.

  • Do some weaving.

  • Practice some calligraphy.

  • Make an illuminated manuscript.

  • Do a stained glass craft.

  • Make British Icons from paper - bus, big ben, globe theater, or London taxi:



  • Perform an interpretive dance that will summarize the history of England.

  • Compare medieval times to our times. Notice the good and bad of each time. Which time do you prefer to live in and why? Write your thoughts in your Journal.

  • Make some medieval costumes.

  • Make a pizza biography about an important English person:

  • Organize a kingdom, using people that you know. Who would be part of the court? What positions would they hold?

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