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What Makes You Tick?

Mondays, 11-12

October 29 - December 10

(no class November 19)

Grades 9-12

$108 for six weeks

Self-Management Skills for the Teen World

Come learn how your brain controls the way you concentrate, solve problems and get things done. This class is for high school aged students who want to understand and develop their self-management skills, also known as executive skills.

This class connects the dots between how the teen brain works and how it controls actions, thoughts and feelings. By growing an understanding of these critical skills, teens can begin to develop strategies to improve the way they:

  • Manage risks

  • Handle emotions

  • Organize tasks and projects

  • Manage time

  • Maintain attention

  • Keep focused

  • Stay persistent

What would you do with a clear vision of your strengths as well as the areas that need strengthening? Each session involves interactive group discussion, engaging activities and moderate homework. Students will document the step-by-step process in a graphic organizer designed to guide you towards clarity and new action.

Find out what is behind the forgotten items, disorganized room and the goal-crushing roadblocks. What Makes You Tick lets you explore and build self-management skills as a way to greater personal understanding. It is an invitation to find the reasons behind those labels of “scatter-brained“, “lazy” and “procrastinator”. The more you know, the more you'll have Ahh-ha moments that will inspire new approaches to routine behavior and move you closer to independence.

Your mission, if you are choose to take it, is to know the skills – know your brain - develop the strategies – craft new super powers – and vanish the frustration, shame and guilt.

About the Facilitator

Ivonov McLeod successfully homeschooled her 2 children from kindergarten to high school, setting them up for success at a competitive high school and Stanford University. She is the co-founder of The Learning Collective, (TLC), a home school co-op in the Inland Empire. She was both program administrator and class instructor for 8 years teaching a variety of classes including media literacy, journalism and speech and debate. She enjoys hiking, travel and learning the names and behavior if trees. Working with students, she is excited to encourage their understanding, exploration and mastery of the self-management skills necessary to excel in the academic arena and in life.

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