Visual and Physical Arts in Redlands

Classes for all grades at

VISUAL AND PHYSICAL ARTS CENTER 115 Sierra Vista Drive, Redlands, 92373

CALENDAR: All classes begin September 10 and run through the school year to May 28, two semesters. There are a few days and weeks off for breaks and holidays. TBA

Two unique individuals have joined forces to be the Visual and Physical Arts Center facilitators, and are holding classes in Redlands (near the Country Club) on Wednesdays. The property includes a two story gym and an art studio. The gym has a climbing wall and trampoline, a full arsenal of stilts, juggling items, fitness games, a Pilates reformer machine, and a huge yard for games and PE. The art studio is set up for painting, drawing, writing, and pottery, and a study room.

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Superhero Training

9:00-10:00 Wednesdays

Ages 8-13 This super cool class includes activities that get the superhero in great shape to use all his/her superpowers! Climbing wall, flying on aerial silks, tossing spears and more, jumping, hurdling, running as fast as the speed of light and much more. Games like badminton, pool noodle sparring, and skill building, corn holing, developing unique superpowers, and a presentation at the end of a 16-week semester. Instructed by Danny Castle. Kids must wear athletic shoes and athletic clothes—capes will be created!

Price for 16 weeks: $240

Art from the Heart

9:00-10:00 Wednesdays

Ages 5-9

Art for our littlest learners. This class facilitates learning with a hands-on fun approach to one-hour projects! Almost every class the kids will bring home an example of their work that can be stored by parents in a portfolio or given to a teacher as a work sample. Learners must wear close-toed shoes and also clothes that can get paint on them! Painting, silk dying, pottery, junk art and more!

Price for 16 weeks is $290 includes all materials.

ART FUNdamentals, part one, A-G Course

10:00-Noon, Wednesdays

grades 8-12

Mature 7th graders can take this class after approval by teacher.

Facilitated by Elizabeth Rydall

(For Sage Oak learners: See Visual Art Projects syllabus.)

This very special course is for the student who knows nothing about art but really wants to learn in a fun project-based way, or for a more interested and experienced student who wants to develop skills and creativity, while getting high school credit. This class does have weekly work to be done out of class and will equal 60 hours of learning or more during the semester. We will also plan a field trip or two! All learners will be asked to buy a text book, a sketch book, and pencil set, a small set of acrylic paint, a small set of watercolor paint, and to wear clothes that are conducive to creating pottery, paintings, and drawings, junk art, collage, assemblage and more! Learners will focus on the works of master artists as well as developing their own voice through the project assignments. This class culminates in an art presentation in December. Cost for a 16-week semester and all materials aside from the ones listed above is: $540.

THEATRE ARTS, part one, A-G course

Wednesdays, 12:30-2:30

Grades 8-12

Mature 7th graders can take this class after approval by teacher.

Classes facilitated by Elizabeth Rydall (For Sage Oak Learners: see A-G Drama 1 syllabus.)

An exploration of all the history, skills and creativity involved in the world of Theatre. In this class learners will be able to write scenes, read plays, develop plot ideas, do improvisation, design a costume or do make-up, build a set, and ultimately perform on or behind the scenes for our culminating performance. This class will equal 60 hours of work in and out of class, but much of the work is so much fun that she/he may not even notice the work! Students will wear closed toed shoes and wear clothes easy to work in (no short skirts or revealing tops). A textbook will be required, and field trip will be planned for the learners. Cost for a 16 week semester and most materials is $520.

Studio Time!

Wednesdays, 2:30-4:00

Yes—you read right! A dedicated time for learners to work on art, theatre, and fitness projects. Facilitated by Elizabeth Rydall and helpers, this is a space and environment for learning and is devoted to furthering the projects assigned in the classes at Visual and Physical Arts Center. Cost for 16 weeks is $150.

Physical Arts and Fitness