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Ages 14-18 Elizabeth Rydall (Ms. E), Facilitator

This one-on-one collaboration is set up to assist the learner in accomplishing something BIG! It really could be anything—it is personal for each learner. The student and Ms. E work on it week by week starting with research, personal inventory, and then setting a goal. Action steps are defined and a full exploration of the subject is endeavored. The learner keeps a journal, continues to redefine the goals and gives a written and oral presentation at the end. If you are curious about this as a possibility for you or your learner just search “IB Personal Project.”

Ms. E was certified as a Personal Project Coordinator through International Baccalaureate and will mentor the learner step by step. Quite an amazing experience. This project is recommended to take one school year, two semesters, but could be condensed into one semester.

Examples of goals are:

  • start a business

  • become a photographer

  • raise funds for a charity

  • build a boat

  • learn everything about and invest in bit coin

  • teach a cheerleading seminar

  • learn how to paint like an impressionist

  • compile a family cookbook and then share a meal of these recipes with others

  • read all the writings of a favorite author and review the books.

The sky is not even the limit!

This PP will give the learner many work examples according to the goal. A PP is highly recommended for all learners. If there are several learners taking the project we may meet together at the Visual and Physical Arts Center in Redlands to collaborate.

Price for 16 weeks of mentoring, approximately 1-2 hours weekly in person, by Skype, or email according to needs of learner, is $240.

Elizabeth Rydall has been a home study facilitator since she began educating her own two children at home and then took on all the other kids in the home study programs in Santa Clarita CA! She was Director of Visual and Performing Arts at Huckleberry Learning Center, a teacher of many classes at Learn Beyond the Book, and a creator of the Helping Hands Homeschool Co-op. Her experience also includes three years at Ilead Schools as a teacher of grades 6-12, IB Personal Project Coordinator, and drama and art instructor. For 15 years, prior to being a MOM, she was a professional actor in film, theatre, commercials and more. In addition, Ms. E is a co-operative owner of the Threshold Art Gallery in Redlands, does art parties, and sells many paintings and murals as a professional artist, Her volunteer energies have been channeled into teaching meditation and helping homeless families get back in homes.

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