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Art Classes at Threshold Gallery


18 E Vine St, Redlands

Classes start September 10 and run through mid-December with breaks for holidays and rests. Join any time - classes can be prorated.

Special Offer!

Take both drawing and painting classes on Monday evening for only $324 for 12 weeks!

Drawing RightBrain/LeftBrain

Mondays 4:00-5:15

ages 10-16

Facilitated by Elizabeth Rydall

12 weeks over Sept-December, this class is fundamental to art but also just a lot of fun! The right brain creates while the left brain analyzes! Drawing includes the traditional pen and pencil on paper, but also new ways of seeing and marking with sharpee, sand, marker, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor pencils, etc. All materials are be provided and learners learn to SEE with a more refined eye and learn to mark with more skill, freedom and precision.

Cost for all materials and 12 classes is $195

Painting, The Wonder of Color

Mondays 5:30-6:45

ages 10-16

Facilitated by Elizabeth Rydall

12 weeks of learning the joy of painting! Color-mixing, values, tones, tints, color wheel, color design and all of the other elements of art in the form of painting in watercolor and acrylic. This class is a ton of fun, and learners can graduate into part two in the spring if they enjoy it. No experience in art needed, but veteran artists are also invited to learn and discover with us!

Costs for all materials and instruction for 12 weeks is $245

Friday Fun, a project to celebrate creativity

One Friday per month (usually the second Friday) 5:00-7:00

ages 8-98, 4 classes total

facilitated by ElizabethRydall

An art class the whole family can attend, but can also serve as a great intro to Art for art skeptics! A themed art project and all the materials provided for the cost of $80 per person for the four Friday classes.

Elizabeth Rydall (Ms. E) has been a home study facilitator since she began educating her own two children at home and then took on all the other kids in the home study programs in Santa Clarita CA! She was Director of Visual and Performing Arts at Huckleberry Learning Center, a teacher of many classes at Learn Beyond the Book, and a creator of the Helping Hands Homeschool Co-op. Her experience also includes three years at Ilead Schools as a teacher of grades 6-12, IB Personal Project Coordinator, and drama and art instructor. For 15 years, prior to being a MOM, she was a professional actor in film, theatre, commercials and more. In addition, Ms. E is a co-operative owner of the Threshold Art Gallery in Redlands, does art parties, and sells many paintings and murals as a professional artist, Her volunteer energies have been channeled into teaching meditation and helping homeless families get back in homes.

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