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Cooking for the Gods

Fridays, 10:30 - 11:30

September 14 - October 19

Ages 5-12

$108 for six weeks

The role of food as a part of hospitality in Ancient Greek culture was imperative. Different foods and or drinks were associated with different Gods and Goddesses (Artemis, Dionysus, etc.). Additionally, Gods and Goddesses drank nectar and ate ambrosia.

Students will:

  • Recognize the role of food as part of hospitality in both Ancient Greek culture and in our lives today.

  • Hone their math skills in measuring, using fractions, adding, subtracting, estimating and multiplying, while following a recipe.

  • Recognize the herbs and flavors known as Mediterranean, as they use these in their cooking.


Wk 1. Nectar (fruit and veggie smoothies, Greek yogurt)

Wk 2. Ambrosia (fruit salad variant: mint, basil)

Wk 3. Kebabs (salad: bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, skewers, cheese)

Wk 4. Tortellini batons

Wk 5. Ricotta spaghetti squash cupcakes

Wk 6. Mythological monster creations

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