Activities and Fireworks for City Planning and Waterways

April 30 – May 4

Workshop Activities

  1. Craft - Cityscape Craft

  2. Key Points – City Building

  3. Collaborative – Scale it up!

  4. Writing - Prepositions

  5. Math/Logic – Road Rally – finding your way on a map

  6. Genius Principle – Random Acts of Kindness

  7. Big Activity - City Masterplanning

  8. Movement - GPS Says Game

Minecraft Activities

  1. Leonardo’s ideas for cities

  2. Collaboratively build the various parts of a planned community

  3. Build Challenge: Add aqueducts to the city

Upcoming Activities

  • Weekly Teen Hang Outs – Wednesdays in Santa Ana

  • 5/9 Disneyland meetup: Craftsmanship


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Ride some form of public transportation.

  • Draw or write about places around town.

  • Visit a historical site in your city. Discuss the site’s importance with your family.

  • Draw a map including your house, a school, a park, library, fire station, police station, and a grocery store.

  • Why did the chicken cross the road? Come up with some new answers to the question.

  • Write an essay on why you believe that water is important to a city.

  • Make a map of an ideal city. Come up with some creative names for the city, neighborhood, and streets.

  • During the black plague in Europe in the mid-14th century, people thought the disease was caused by an earthquake or by the planets. Leonardo said it was due to the crowded and unclean conditions of the city. Hold a court trial. You are the judge. Have people argue the different opinions about what caused the plague.

  • Interview your city manager about plans for your city’s future.

  • Visit a master planned community.

  • Compare the layout of Leonardo’s city plan to your own city’s layout.

  • Visit the water department.

  • Count the number of houses on your block.

  • Play some math games.

  • Work on your genius project.

  • Find five different building shapes in your town and draw them.