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Activities and Fireworks for City Planning and Waterways

April 30 – May 4

Workshop Activities

  1. Craft - Cityscape Craft

  2. Key Points – City Building

  3. Collaborative – Scale it up!

  4. Writing - Prepositions

  5. Math/Logic – Road Rally – finding your way on a map

  6. Genius Principle – Random Acts of Kindness

  7. Big Activity - City Masterplanning

  8. Movement - GPS Says Game

Minecraft Activities

  1. Leonardo’s ideas for cities

  2. Collaboratively build the various parts of a planned community

  3. Build Challenge: Add aqueducts to the city

Upcoming Activities

  • Weekly Teen Hang Outs – Wednesdays in Santa Ana

  • 5/9 Disneyland meetup: Craftsmanship


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Ride some form of public transportation.

  • Draw or write about places around town.

  • Visit a historical site in your city. Discuss the site’s importance with your family.

  • Draw a map including your house, a school, a park, library, fire station, police station, and a grocery store.

  • Why did the chicken cross the road? Come up with some new answers to the question.

  • Write an essay on why you believe that water is important to a city.

  • Make a map of an ideal city. Come up with some creative names for the city, neighborhood, and streets.

  • During the black plague in Europe in the mid-14th century, people thought the disease was caused by an earthquake or by the planets. Leonardo said it was due to the crowded and unclean conditions of the city. Hold a court trial. You are the judge. Have people argue the different opinions about what caused the plague.

  • Interview your city manager about plans for your city’s future.

  • Visit a master planned community.

  • Compare the layout of Leonardo’s city plan to your own city’s layout.

  • Visit the water department.

  • Count the number of houses on your block.

  • Play some math games.

  • Work on your genius project.

  • Find five different building shapes in your town and draw them.

  • Play at a park. Discuss with your family why you feel that parks are important in a city.

  • Write a suggestion for a change that you believe should be made in your town and send it or drop it off at City Hall.

  • List the names of all the streets within five blocks of your house. If this is too easy, name all the streets that you would cross (pass) on the way to the nearest park (or grocery store, library, etc.).

  • Read books (fiction or non-fiction) about city planning.

  • Take a walk around town. Count the number of city blocks from your house to a school, library, park, etc.

  • Imagine that Leonardo had been hired to build an entire city. What do you think that a contract between Leonardo and the city manager would have in it?

  • Count the number of buildings on a city block downtown. Count the number of buildings on another block. Are the numbers the same? Consider the size and shapes of the buildings. Does it make a difference?

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