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Horse Lessons

Trinity Riding Center has partnered with Celebration Education to bring you horse lessons!

Trinity Riding Center is a non profit organization whose main vision and purpose is to rescue, rehab, and retrain horses for the use of therapeutic activities. Students in this class will get:

  • Riding lessons to learn the elements of how to ride a horse

  • crafts

  • other ranch activities, including caring for the horses

  • individual goals to help progress in many different life skills through the riding and interaction with the horse.

All riders need to have pants and close toed shoes. Please download these documents, fill them out, and bring them with you to the first day of class.

$300 for six weeks, four hours each week.

Tuesday mornings in Perris

These horse classes are designed to be a second day of class for our students in the Premium Journey Program, but they can be taken on their own.

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