This Week: Riddles of Nature

Workshop Activities

  • Germination Stencils

  • “Prophecies” by Leonardo

  • Conservation posters – collaborative project

  • Metamorphosis prophecies

  • Doubling Matching Game

  • Bufflegrass vs. Saguaro Cactus Math Activity

  • Student greenhouses

  • Photosynthesis relay race

Field Trip

Santa Ana Zoo Wednesday, November 1, 10 AM, $7 per person – there's room for more – register now:

Minecraft Class

  • Identify various biomes and the animals that live in them

  • label the animals with their scientific classification

  • go on a nature scavenger hunt

  • build challenge: add more animals to their biomes

Upcoming Activities

  • Santa Ana Zoo Field Trip

  • “How to Save for College” meeting in Santa Ana, 11/1, 7pm AND

  • Chat with veteran homeschooler – Wednesday, 11/1, 7pm

  • New enrichment classes – Register now!

  • Ribbon-cutting – 11/3 in Santa Ana at noon

  • Disneyland Meetup 11/8

  • More Field Trips

Fireworks Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Make some shadow puppets. Write a puppet play and perform it

  • Leonardo's designs were often inspired by nature. He designed a spiral staircase that was inspired by the spirals in the conch shell. He designed a musical pipe that was inspired by the human larynx (voice box). Leonardo is not the only inventor to be inspired by nature. The inventor of Velcro was inspired by the little burrs that stick to your pants when you walk through wilderness areas. What nature designs can you use for an invention? Make it and/or write about it.

  • Plant a flower, vegetable, or herb garden. Write about your experience in your notebook.

  • Go on a nature walk – observe the sky, rocks, a stream. Sketch some observations.

  • Have a campfire near a stream to observe the four elements.

  • Choose an animal that you find interesting. Do further research on the animal and write a report on it. You may also prepare this as an oral report that you can share, complete with visuals.

  • Volunteer to work at or organize a service project for a wildlife preserve.

  • Pretend you are a droplet of water. Write in your notebook about your experiences in the water cycle.

  • Solve more of Leonardo’s prophecies.

  • What are dreams? Study what professionals say about dreams. Draw your own conclusions and write them in your notebook.

  • Write some “prophecies” of your own.

  • What ingredients does it take to make fire? Draw a diagram that illustrates those ingredients in the fire.

  • Draw the water cycle.

  • Make a map to show where gold has been mined in CA, US, or the world.

  • Pan for gold.

  • Go on a nature walk – observe the sky, rocks, a stream. Sketch some observations.

  • Go cloud gazing. Do you notice any unusual shapes? Identify different kinds of clouds. What do the different clouds have to do with the weather? Look at clouds each day for a week. Write your observations in your notebook.

  • Work on your genius project.

  • Volunteer to work at or organize a service project for a wildlife preserve