Workshop activities

1. Craft – The Boot

2. Key Points – A Slice of Italy

3. Collaborative – Timeline of Italian History

4. Writing - Latin

5. Math/Logic – Roman Numerals

6. Genius Principle – When in Rome...

7. Big Activity - Pizza

8. Movement - Lupo Delle Ore

Field Trip

Italian Restaurant

Minecraft Class

  • Geography hunt in Italy

  • Gods and Goddesses Quiz

  • Roman Style Conquering

  • Build Challenge - Italian Village


  • Make an edible map of Italy using brownies, Jell-o, cake, cookies, or mashed potatoes, etc.

  • Create an Italian village with restaurant, clothier, art studio, etc. You can use large boxes, or make a small-scale village out of paper. You can print a paper village at: .

  • Learn some Italian words. Write something in Italian.

  • Discover Italian word roots in books and/or newspapers.

  • Send a letter to a tourist bureau in Italy, asking for information about that area.

  • Plan a dream vacation in Italy, whether or not you go there. What places will you visit? How much time will you spend at each place? How will you get there? Where will you stay? How much will it all cost?

  • Send a flat traveler on an Italian Vacation (see ).

  • Design a billboard advertising an Italian vacation and/or make a travel brochure to entice people to go to Italy.

  • Make the flag of Italy.

  • Make a virtual pizza and learn about nutrition:

  • Play some math games.

  • Read books (fiction or non-fiction) about Italy.

  • Work on your genius project.

  • Practice fractions by cooking a few small personal pizzas and then cutting them into different fractions.

  • Convert to Euros:

  • Do a lesson on currency exchange:

  • Make a timeline of Italy’s history.

  • Play Bocce Ball.

  • Do some Italian language activities:

  • Prepare and share a common Italian meal.

  • Compare Italy to our country. Which do you like better? Why? Write your thoughts in your journal.

  • Watch a movie about or made in Italy.

  • Talk to someone who's been to Italy.

  • Learn an Italian folk dance.

  • Observe some of Italy’s traditions and customs.

  • Using the legend on a map, calculate the distances between Anchiano, Vinci, and Florence. This can be done using a string, ruler, pencil, or any object that is measurable.

  • Try out .

  • Learn about how Romans dressed:



  • Make a pretend pizza parlor. Add pizza making ingredients with felt, yarn and cardboard cut outs. Add a cash register, play money, pizza menus, pizza pans, order pads, pencils, pizza boxes, pizza phone book, delivery maps, phone, and aprons. Make a logo for your pizza parlor.