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Workshop activities

  1. Craft – Rorschach Art

  2. Key Points – Meet the Philosophers

  3. Collaborative – Tragedy of the Commons - an experiment

  4. Writing – Quote That! - Write your favorite philosophical quotes

  5. Math/Logic – New Cheerios - survey and graphing

  6. Character Connection - Bullying discussion

  7. Big Activity – I Believe... - we are all philosophers, each with our own set of beiefs

  8. Movement – Truth or Consequences - a physical game with philosophy trivia

Specialty Disney Days Lesson

  1. Words are powerful

  2. Prejudice hurts everyone

  3. Bullying Exists

  4. Anyone can make a difference

  5. Overcoming bullying comes when you have confidence in you and define yourself instead of letting others define you Resources for bullying include:

  6. thinking happy thoughts

  7. Getting out of hurtful relationships, and

  8. finding your squad or crew

Standard Disney Days Lesson

  1. Emotions Wheel

  2. Fields of philosophy

  3. Prejudism discussion

  4. Unkind words hurt

  5. Abraham Lincoln

  6. Hunt – Quest for Questions

  7. Attractions

  8. Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

Minecraft Lesson

  1. prejudice

  2. genetics

  3. famous philosophers

  4. broken windows theory


  • Write 15 reasons that you like you. Share them with a parent or friend.

  • Write down or draw your best 5 happy thoughts. Practice using them when you feel sad or mad.

  • Identify who makes you sad and who makes you feel good. Create a plan on how to spend more time with those who make you feel good.

  • Write an encouraging letter or email to someone with compliments and why you appreciate them. This will help them feel good about themselves.

  • Make some inkblot images by putting paint on a paper and folding the paper in half. Ask a few people what they think the inkblot pictures look like. What do their responses tell you about them? Write your thoughts in your Wizard journal.

  • Play with mirrors to explore symmetry.

  • Make a math number wheel:!-lesson-plan/

  • Discover the genetic traits in Harry Potter:

  • Create geometry in a Box:

  • Discover how statistics can be twisted to show different results. Write your findings in your Wizard journal.

  • Explain how you can affect someone else’s mood for better or worse.

  • Make up some of your own profound sayings. Write them in your wizard journal.

  • Start a dream diary:

  • Consider the genetic traits in the Harry Potter books. For example, the ability to speak parseltongue (being able to speak to snakes) is a genetic trait possessed by some characters and their parents. Explore the use of Punnett squares to predict trait inheritance.

  • Make Falling Leaves Poetry Spinners:

  • Consider the Age of Reason, the Age of Enlightenment, and some classicizing movements in Modernism and their influence on art & science. Create some art in these styles.

  • Complete several familiar adages with your own thoughts, such as:

  • Early to bed, early to rise…

  • You can lead a horse to water…

  • Make a timeline of philosophy.

  • Compare the evil Harry Potter characters and views to the views of history’s philosophers.

  • What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Write your thoughts in your Wizard journal.

  • Consider the Magic Pensieve. Should all memories be remembered? Are there some things that are better if they are forgotten? Are there some bad things that should be are important to be remembered? Discuss these things with your family. Write your thoughts in your Wizard journal.

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