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Music and Performance Arts


Workshop activities: 1. Craft – Guitars

2. Key Points – Music and Performing Arts

3. Collaborative – Musical Skits

4. Writing - Musical Scales

5. Math/Logic – Lego Rhythm

6. Character Connection - Phoenix

7. Big Activity – Performance Preparation

8. Movement – Hokey Pokey


  • Attend a musical performance.

  • Start working on a six-week project.

  • Play Carnegie Hall's play games:

  • Play some math games.

  • Learn a new dance.

  • Write the script for a skit.

  • Perform in a talent show or recital.

  • Learn a new instrument or improve on one you already know.

  • Choreograph your own dance.

  • Write a song.

  • What do you think Harry Potter's favorite songs might be? Make an album of “Harry Potter’s Top Hits.” Complete it with album cover art.

  • Make costumes.

  • Make a claymation movie.

  • Have groups of students demonstrate the different acting styles.





  • Play some improvisation games with your family.

  • Make riddles about movies. Be prepared to share your movie riddles to the class. Who can guess which movies you're giving clues for?

  • Explore math from various movies:

  • Create a budget for aspiring actors.

  • Explore other jobs in Hollywood:

  • Explore characters of other inanimate objects. For example, how would a person talk and perform if they were sandpaper?

  • Get a stack of index cards. On each card, write the name of one of your favorite performers. Put the cards in thee different arrangements:

  • by age

  • by last name

  • by popularity

Sing a choir song.

  • Read or watch some Shakespeare.

  • Do some sound waves experiments.

  • Play Go Fish: a musical note-reading game:

  • Explore the science of sound:

  • Make a collection of songs from five different musical groups such as: orchestra, rock band, string quartet, mariachi, barn dance, etc. Identify the different instruments used in each musical group.

  • Write new words to a song.

  • Experience onomatopoeias. Write the words that describe the sounds that music makes, for example rat-a-tat-tat can be used for a snare drum or twang, plink, plunk for a banjo. Perhaps identify which instruments the odd be-bop and scat words might be.

  • Dance the Virginia Reel, the Bunny Hop, or other line dances.

  • Sing “Do Re Mi.”

  • Read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

  • Read books (fiction or non-fiction) about music, poetry, acting, instruments, dancing, and singing.

  • Make a miniature stage

  • Make a spilled drink prop

  • Make foam rocks:

  • Make movie props:

  • Pretend the wizarding world is holding a concert. Create a program for the concert. Include these singing wizards: Vainamoinen and Lemminkainen from Finland, Bard Carpre and Cathbad from Ireland, and Mananna MacLir from Isle of Man - raised with a tune a wall of fog to protect his realm.

  • Write a letter to a friend in the form of a song.

  • Make a xylophone:

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