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Plants and Magical Herbs

For 10/31-11/4

Workshop activities

1. Craft – Sun Prints: sun-sensitive paper art

2. Key Points – Old Mandrake Game - herbs and what they're used for

3. Collaborative - Dichotomous Key - how scientists identify plant species

4. Writing - Anagrams - discover the flower anagrams

5. Math/Logic – Fibonacci Sequence - make a visual representation of the sequence

6. Character Connection – Random Acts of Kindness - play flower fairy

7. Big Activity - Cells - make edible cell models

8. Movement – Photosynthesis Relay Race - experience the process of photosynthesis while running!!

Quests to do at home:

  • Do some secret fairy service.

  • Make a chart that shows what everyone's favorite fruit is.

  • Herbology- Professor Sprout will teach you all about the magical properties of plants. Make an herb garden.

  • Discover local wild plants that are edible.

  • Experience more about the dichotomous key: (scroll down)

  • In Minecraft, plants don't grow without light. In real life, plants need sunlight in order to grow. Using sunlight, a plant will use photosynthesis to make it's own food. Make a diagram to show how photosynthesis works.

  • Make the cell model out of various colors of construction paper.

  • What are your favorite plants? Are they actually edible?



  • Learn more about cells:

  • Write puns.

  • Make a two-sided diorama. Take two pieces of paper (tagboard is preferable), fold them in half, then you glue one side of each paper together, forming a wall between the two other halves. It looks something like this: __/\__. This creates a two-sided diorama. On one side of the page you put a scene from the beginning of the book and on the other side a scene from later in the book. For example, the first scene could be Harry arriving at the Dursleys', the second could be Harry arriving at Hogwarts.

  • Make leaf prints.

  • Make a mandrake:

  • Paint with organic materials.

  • Make a diagram to show seed germination.

  • Paint tree cookies.

  • Press flowers.

  • Explore more anagrams:

  • Do some nature journaling:

  • Write a biopoem:

  • Write your thoughts about this quote: “It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” - Rowling

  • Experience an interactive photosynthesis activity:







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