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This week's activities:

1. Craft – Rosetta Stone

2. Key Points – Wizard's Duel with Latin spells

3. Collaborative – Hidden Meanings - word roots in Harry Potter characters' names

4. Writing – New Spells - use Latin word roots to write new spells

5. Math/Logic – Rune Fact Families

6. Character Connection – Hero's Journey: Facing Weaknesses

7. Big Activity - Buon Giorno - Students visit with royalty through a translator

8. Movement – Agility Race

Quests to do at home:

  • Choose three Latin-based languages. Write “It's a small world” in all three languages. What are the similarities and differences in the three sentences?

  • Use runes to write your own spells.

  • Open a Harry Potter book to a random page. Choose a paragraph. Discover the Greek and Latin word roots in the words in this paragraph. Write these in your wizard journal.

  • Learn a song in another language.

  • Make up your own collection of Latin-based spells.

  • Compare several ancient and modern languages.

  • Find the etymology for the word magic. Choose a sentence. Discover the etymology for each word in the sentence. Here's a good sentence: You are a wizard, Harry.

  • Make fact families using the Greek or Latin words for the numbers.

  • Get 10 index cards, one for each digit, 0-9. Fold each end over until they meet in the middle. Write the English Word for a number on the outside, the same number in Latin Word under one flap, and the Roman numeral under the other flap.

  • Read The Little Prince in both English and French:



  • If you could speak Parseltongue, what would you say to a snake? Write out a conversation that you think you would have with a snake.

  • Take a Harry Potter Latin quiz:



  • See a movie in a foreign language.

  • Play Rummy Roots card game.

  • Answer these questions:

  • Cite specific instances where the author blends the real world with Harry's fantasy world. Why do you think she places the characters in two very different worlds?

  • While Professor Snape did not turn out to be the villain of the story, what incidents led you to believe that he was? Why do you think the author kept pointing the finger of suspicion at him?

  • What abilities did Harry have that allowed him to become the star of the Quidditch team? Do you think the author is saying that everyone has special abilities to enable them to star at something? Why or why not?

  • Was it the cloak of invisibility, Harry's magic powers or Harry's determination not to give up that saved the stone? Why do you think so?

  • What role did Hagrid's dragon play in the story?

  • What lessons about life did Harry learn outside the classrooms at Hogwarts?

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