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This week's workshop activities

1. Craft - Hedwig Puppet

2. Key Points - Different Types of Communications

3. Collaborative - Newspaper Parts

4. Writing - Howlers - Complaint Letters

5. Math/Logic – Stastistics Charts

6. Character Connection - Overcoming Temptations

7. Big Activity – Listen to and perform a Radio Show

8. Movement – Robot Relay Race

Quests to do at home:

  • Make a telegraph.

  • Prepare the written Morse code symbols for a ten-word message or longer then send it for your partner to decipher.

  • Make your own sound effects studio.

  • Make illustrations showing the following types of radio waves: VHF, medium, long and short. Define the characteristics of each, (for example, “VHF bounce off of the ground or large objects.”)

  • Write your own radio show, complete with sound effects and advertisers.

  • Illustrate how radio waves travel. Differentiate between radio waves and electromagnetic waves. Log this in your wizard journal.

  • Listen to a radio show.

  • Make your own radio show.

  • Dramatize the use of the wireless in the rescue of the victims of the Titanic.

  • Demonstrate with an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel tube how sound can be amplified. State your hypothesis as to why this happens, in your wizard journal.

  • Make a newspaper full of news of your family.

  • Make a REAL Daily Prophet newspaper with moving pictures and video embedded into it.

  • Imagine you are Alexander Graham Bell, and it is a day after you invented the telephone. Write a letter telling your friend about the experience.

  • Locate Edinburgh, Scotland on the map and label with Alexander Graham Bell.

  • Make a radio.

  • Listen to a talk radio show. Call in to ask a question or share your opinion on the subject being discussed.

  • Make a timeline that tells the story of the invention of the radio.

  • Define telegraphy. Write the definition in your wizard journal.

  • Practice spelling words with Morse code by tapping a spoon on the table in code, while a partner deciphers the words.

  • Find out what they first transmissions via telegraph and telephone were. Pretend that you created a new type of communication. What would your first transmission be?

  • Make your own secret code or optical telegraphy system.

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