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Magical People of All Sizes

Week of September 19-23

This week's classroom activities:

1. Craft – Fairy Garden

2. Key Points – Magical People

3. Collaborative – What size? - Measuring fairies to giants

4. Writing – Trading Cards - create your own magical peoples

5. Math/Logic - Scale - comparing sizes

6. Character Connection - Challenges

7. Big Activity – Black Magic - Logic game

8. Movement – Ogre May I? -

Quests to do at home:

  1. Make a dwarf ax or sword using muggle materials found around your home.

  2. Make a height chart for your family. Measure everyone. Can you figure out what the average height is for your family members?

  3. Make a comic strip with two or more types of magical people in it.

  4. Create a crossword puzzle with ten or more magical beings:

  5. Make up and perform a fairy dance.

  6. Should merpeople and centaurs be considered beings in the Harry Potter universe? Why or why not? Write your opinion in your wizard journal. Find someone with an opposite opinion and hold a debate.



  9. Write your own definitions for the Harry Potter beings:

  10. Choose five different magical people. Conduct a survey to find out which people like best. Make a diagram to show the results.

  11. Make a scale model display of magical people that shows how their sizes compare to one another.

  12. Make up your own magical people, with exaggerated sizes. Make them larger than giants or smaller than fairies.

  13. Consider the idea of power. Create a sign to remind you about the awesome responsibility a wizard's power brings.

  14. Write a three-paragraph report on one of the magical people.

  15. Explore large and small numbers and place value:

  16. Take a walk out in nature to look for evidence of fairies. Sketch it and write about it in your wizarding notebook.

  17. On a map of Britain, locate where each house founder is from:

  18. Make a chutes and ladder-type of game, but instead of climbing and sliding, characters will grow and shrink.

  19. Choose one of the types of magical peoples. Find out where the stories of this person comes from. What country or culture does it originate from? What stories are there about this type of person?

  20. Make a fairy village.

  21. Make puppets to tell the story of Peter Pan. Practice and perform for others.

  22. Write a paragraph about whether or not fairies are real.

  23. Make a Venn diagram that compares Tinker Bell to the fairies in Harry Potter.

  24. Design a fairy home. Make one out of recycled goods or found art.

  25. Write a report on giants.

  26. Who believes in fairies? Take a poll and keep a tally. Make a chart to compare those who believe to those that don't. Do children believe more than adults do?

  27. Go on a fairy hunt.

Making Fairy Gardens

Squishy Circuits with Peel's Maker Studio

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