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Experience the things Leonardo studied: art, science, nature and more!!
Fridays - choose 10am or noon


Component I - Presente Il Magistro
September 15    Wonders of Childhood - Leonardo's Childhood 
September 22    L’Italia - Italy
September 29    Renaissance
October 6         Leonardo's Masterpieces of Art - A gallery of Leonardo's works
October 13        Journal Keeping
October 20       That Makes Sense! - Explore their five senses.



Component II - Riddles of Nature
November 3     Riddles of Nature
November 10    Element: Air - Explore properties of weather
November 17    Element: Earth - Explore geology
November 24   OFF
December 1      Element: Water - Explore properties of water
December 8     Leonardo's Pranks - Explore the science and adventures of riddles and practical jokes
December 15    Math, Naturally - finding patterns in nature, how math can be fun, naturally


Component III - The Art of Science
January 12         Other Inventors
January 19         Anatomy - Proportion of man
January 26        Automatons – Leonardo's mechanical man and lion
February 2        Astronomy
February 9        Flying Machines  - What flying machines did Leonardo imagine? 
February 16       Flight Fest - Egg drop competition, paper airplane competition, etc.


Component IV – Miracles at the End of the Brush
March 2            Art History - major artists of the past, various art styles
March 9            Art Methods and Mediums - Perspective, various mediums
March 16           Birds and Horses as models
March 23           Architecture - connecting art and architecture
March 30           Technical Drawings - different views of objects

April 6               Celebration of Art


Component V - As You Wish
April 20            Music and Poetry - How can we affect others with music and poetry?
April 27            Cartography - What do you know about maps?
May 4              City Planning and Waterways - Leonardo had ideas of how a city should be laid out.
May 11              Craftsmen - What is a craft? Possible crafts include woodworking, metalworking, etc.
May 18             War Machines
May 25             France – Leonardo's final resting place

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