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Minecraft Technical Help

Minecraft can be tricky. Sometimes things don't work the way we expect them to. Here are some tutorials to help you get through the most common problems.


How to get onto our class server:

  1. Log on to your Minecraft account.

  2. Select Multiplayer.

  3. Click on "Add Server"

  4. In the Server Name field, put "Celebration Education."

  5. In the Server Address field, put ""

  6. Click "Done."

  7. Select "Celebration Education" from the list.

  8. Click on "Join Server."

  9. If you've done it all correctly, you should be on the hub. The hub server is our private server that students from all the classes may use for working/playing/hanging out between classes. When it is time to join your classes, press "t" then type "/server servername" from anywhere on the hub. Use the server name listed for your class: 

  • Museum: /server class


If you followed these instructions and you're having trouble getting on our hub server, it may be that you're not yet whitelisted or you need to follow these next instructions.


If you have trouble getting on the server:

You may have a version mismatch problem. In the "Play Multiplayer" window, take a look at the status bars to the right of the Celebration Sample server. Is there a red "x" over the status bar? Is there a number to the left of the status bars? This means that the server is using a different version than you are logged in with. Here's how to switch to the correct version:

  • Jot down the version number that's listed to the left of the status bars in the "Play Multiplayer" window.

  • Close Minecraft.

  • Open the Minecraft launcher but do not click on "Play."

  • In the top right corner, click on “Launch options.”

  • Click "Add new"

  • At “Version” select the version you noted from the "Play Multiplayer" window.

  • Save profile

  • Click "News" in the top left corner

  • Click the arrow to the right of the Play button

  • Select the profile you just made, then click Play.

Warning: joining a latest version singleplayer world with a older profile will delete newer mobs, blocks, items, etc. Example: do NOT join your singleplayer 1.13 aquatic update world with a 1.12 profile.


Discord Voice Chat

During the events, all instructions will be given orally through Discord. Therefore, it is necessary to install and set it up on your computer.


Here's how to get set up with Discord voice chat:

  • Install Discord Client. Go here for the download:

  • Create an account. Please use your in game Minecraft name as your username.

  • Connect to our Discord server. Here's how:

    • Click this link:

    • Click join

    • Underneath TEXT CHANNELS click #help

    • Say something in chat so an admin can give you a role, thus enabling you to use the voice chat.

    • Once you have a role, underneath VOICE CHANNELS, click Class to join everyone else in the voice chat.

    • When class is over and you wish to leave the voice chat, click the Disconnect icon in the bottom left corner, next to the ⓘ (Connection info) symbol.



  • Please make sure that your Discord is configured so that you need to push a button to talk. Here are the instructions to set it up:

  • During the events, please don't engage in chatter. The chat is primarily for communicating the business of the event.

  • If a student's microphone is creating feedback or other unnecessary sounds during our events, we may mute them on our end.

  • It is not necessary that the students have microphones. If they need to communicate, they can still use the in-game text chat.

  • By default, Discord does not close when you click the X button. To change this, click the gear in the bottom left to enter your settings. Near the bottom of the bar on the left, click "Windows Settings", then click the slider where it says "Minimize to Tray". You can now exit the settings and enjoy the instant closing with X!


If your problems differ from these listed here, please let us know before your scheduled event/class.



Minecraft on the computer is a little different from other versions (Xbox, Playstation, etc). If your child is new to Minecraft on the computer, have them take some time to familiarize themself with the workings of the game. This can be easily done just by messing around in creative mode building some things.




Still having trouble? Contact Admin Riley (MannyMannequin):



Tips/Tricks from the admin

Useful stuff for use on our servers



An easy way to travel around our servers is by using warps. Every warp command will start off with /warp. Here are the most useful warps:


/warp class - Takes you to the portals for the class servers

/warp spawn - Takes you to all the portals.

/warp survival – Takes you to the survival world.

/warp arena - Takes you to mob fighting

/warp plotme – Takes you to the creative Plotme world.


You can also travel to anyone on the server using the /tpa command. TPA or Teleport Ask allows you to teleport to anyone on the server, as long as they allow it. For example, you would type /tpa mannymannequin and it would send a teleport request to MannyMannequin. Manny can then either accept with /tpaccept or reject said teleport request by typing /tpdeny. Back to the initial command. To teleport to a user, type /tpa username. Of course, username will be replaced with the name of who you are trying to teleport to.




Tip: when typing someones name, press Tab to autofill. If the user is on the server, his/her name will be autofilled. For example, if Manny is on and you type /tpa mann then press tab, it will autofill it to MannyMannequin. If it autofills with the wrong user, press tab again until it switches to the desired user.



Lets delve into creative mode. Specifically in Plotme. First warp to plotme. Then let's claim a plot. To claim a random plot, type /plotme auto. This will teleport you to a random plot, and claim it for you. You can then walk forward and begin building. To claim a specific plot, stand in the one you want and type /plotme claim. You may be met with an error that looks like this: [PlotMe] This plot is already owned. This means that the you cannot claim it, because, as it says, somebody else already has. Try again with another plot. There is a limited number of plots each student may claim, but the number may be raised if you ask the admin. Now that you have a plot, how will you get to it? With /plotme home you will go to the first plot you claimed. If you have multiple plots, then then you can type /plotme home:2. That will take you to your second plot. If you want to go to your third plot, replace that number 2 with a 3, etc.



Here's a useful little tidbit about clearing your inventory in creative mode. To clear your inventory, press E to bring up your creative menu. In the bottom right there is a tab that has the picture of a chest on it. This is the creative inventory. In the bottom right of the inventory there is a red X. dropping items into this X deletes them. But if you hold down shift then click the X, it will clear your inventory.



On to survival! First, useful commands. After you have built a house, and you want to be able to come back to it at anytime, stand in a clear spot in your house and type /sethome. It provides sort of a personal warp for you. After you have set your home spot, if at any time you wish to teleport to your home, type /home. You may wish you could have multiple homes. Well, hooray, you can! Each user is allowed 3 homes. To set additional homes, stand in the desired spot and type /sethome homename. Replace homename with whatever you wish your new home spot to be called. After setting more than one home, teleporting to it becomes a little different. To teleport to your first home, the command would be /home home. Yes, I know that looks a little silly, but that's how it works. Teleporting to your other homes is similar. Just type /home homename, once again replacing homename with the name of your home teleport. When you die, it now takes you to your first home, unless you have a bed. If you do indeed have a bed, then you can also make use of the command /home bed to teleport to that bed.


On death, all of your inventory items are kept. Don't be afraid to take a few hearts of damage.



OH NOES! You've died! Now you have to walk aaaaaaaalllll the waaaaaay back. Or.... do you? Well no, you don't. If at any time you die, you can make use of the command /back. This will teleport you back to the place of your death. This rule has some exceptions however. For example, if you died in lava, it would take you back to a bit of shore next to the lava pit. If you died by drowning at the bottom of a lake, it would take you to the top. However, if you died in the middle of ten mobs, and you use /back.... you will be taken back to all ten mobs.


/back is not only useful for dying, however. If you warped somewhere, and want to go back you can also use /back. If you warped somewhere, then went back, and want to go back again to that warp, what will you do? That's right, /back! 


Have you ever wanted to make a secret base with a friend, but didn't want anyone else to know? How can you message them, without everyone else seeing it? There are a variety of ways to do this, but the one I'm going to teach you is /msg. To message Manny, you would type /msg mannymannequin message. Of course, you would replace message with what you want to say. If someone has messaged you, but you don't want to type the whole big long command, you can make use of /r. R for Reply. This command messages the last person that messaged you. Here's how it would be used: /r message. Once again, replace message with what you want to say. Messaging even works if you two are not on the same server (i.e. you are on the hub, a friend is on a class server. Only works with servers connected to the hub).



But... what if you want to message a friend that is not online? Well, mail of course! To send mail to a friend, type /mail send friendsname message, of course replacing friendsname with your friend's in game name, and message with what you want to say. After your mail has been sent, the user will receive a mail notification every time they log on or teleport.



Tip: when you are sending mail to a person that's offline, autofill wont work. Make sure you spell the users name exactly right!


Now that everybody knows how to use mail, you might be getting some messages soon. You will need to know how to read your mail. Simple! Just type /mail read. Now you have successfully read your mail (if you had any)! But now... you've read your mail, and the notification wont go away. Well then, you must clear your mail! Do this by typing /mail clear.



On to the subject of griefing. Griefing is when a player wrecks another players building, either by destroying blocks, or placing unwanted ones. Similarly, killing another players animals or trapping players or stealing or even entering another players property without their consent is considered a form of griefing. If you are ever griefed, please call or text (909) 801-0086 (text preferred). That is MannyMannequin's cell number. As an admin, Manny can reverse all griefing relating to blocks with one command. Manny can also check who griefed what, down to the exact coordinates, and even how many hours ago it happened. He can check who used doors, buttons, levers, chests, dispensers, droppers, and hoppers. He can even bring back killed animals within a small radius. Don't be afraid to tell Manny about someone being bad on the server.

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