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Free Play and

One-on-One Time

Students in the Premium Journey Program get to meet one-on-one with the teacher each week.

Free play is an important part of a child's learning and should be valued and respected. In addition to free time the child may have at home, we like to accommodate free time that your child can spend with her "school" friends.

During the free time, each student gets to meet one-on-one with the teacher once or twice a week. Parents are welcome to attend, but not required.

These meetings include:

  • Goal-setting - Teacher will work with parent and student to set goals and expectations for the student.

  • Check-in - Teacher will check to make sure student's work is in line with student goals. 

  • Choosing fireworks - Teacher will help student choose weekly projects to work on at home and provide materials for those projects.

  • Reporting back - Student gets to show off the schoolwork he's done since the last meeting. The student does not need to bring in all his work, only the things he wants to show off. This is a very low-pressure meeting, meant to support and encourage at-home work.

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