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American History Experiences



  • One-room Schoolhouse Experience

  • American Mountain Man Class

  • Local Field Trips In Cherry Valley and surrounding areas

These classes can be enrichment in the Journey program. These classes can be one day of a two-day-a-week program.

Wednesdays, September 6 2017 - May 23 2018

Five components:

  1. One-room Schoolhouse and Mountain Man
          September 6 - October 25 In Cherry Valley

  2. Colonial America Classes and Field Trips
    November 1 - December 13: Three classes in Yucaipa, three field trips nearby.

  3. Revolutionary Era Classes and Field Trips
    January 10 - February 14: Three classes in Yucaipa, three field trips nearby.

  4. Frontier America Classes and Field Trips
    February 21 - March 28: Three classes in Yucaipa, three field trips nearby.

  5. One-room Schoolhouse and Mountain Man
    April 4 - May 23 In Cherry Valley


                                                                                       See Costs and Locations

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Components I & V:

One-room Schoolhouse and Mountain Man

Know what it was like to eat, work, play, sleep and learn in the 1800’s American West -- all while learning your reading, writing, and arithmetic!

More about the Mountain Man Class

Teacher Terry Jolly Black is a literal descendant of both American Native and American Settler ancestors. He guides students in the day-to-day life of an American Legend. “Liver Eatin” Johnson, Jedidiah Smith, Kit Carson, Hugh Glass and Jim Bridger as well as Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Red Cloud are just some of his “contemporaries” with whom he has “apprenticed” and learned the ways of survival, work, worship, shelter, and play in the American Frontier.

“TJ” as he is called, lives in a small cabin in the woods, literally, with no electricity and modern conveniences. He is accompanied by his wife “Cheelaw” and together they teach young and old how the Mt Man lived in the American West.

One-room Schoolhouse

8:30 - noon:

  • Morning meeting

  • McGuffy Readers

  • Penmanship

  • Schoolyard games

  • Math

  • Science & Social Studies

  • School Garden

  • Recitations

Mountain Man

12:30 - 2:30:

Taught by a real mountain man

Age 7 and under must be accompanied by adult.

  • Food and Cooking

  • Shelter and Housing

  • Pastimes and Social Graces

  • Clothing and Trades

  • Hunting Tools


Children may also have the opportunity to audition to become actors who portray real or fictional characters in one-room schoolhouse presentations as part of other living history educational programs.

The mid 1800's were a unique time in our country's history. One room schoolhouses were the norm in rural areas. A single teacher taught grades one through eight together.


At the same time, mountain men were trappers and explorers that lived in the wilderness. They were instrumental in opening up the various Emigrant Trails which turned into the wagon roads that allowed Americans in the east to settle the new territories of the far west.


This is a full day of learning and adventure every Wednesday throughout the school year.


Scott Riley of the Riley's Farm family is hosting these classes on the other side of the hill from Oak Glen, at his Providential Heritage Academy in the rural hills of Cherry Valley.

Weapons, shelters, clothes, food, games, tools, supplies and animals are all used to demonstrate and coordinate learning experiences about the American Frontier. Mountain Man classes are appropriate for ages 7 to 75, but all must be able to walk over rough terrain and not be afraid to get wet, dirty or fatigued. Accommodations can be made for the disabled provided there are others in your group that are willing to assist them in traversing the terrain and environs.

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Components II, III, IV

American History Classes in Yucaipa

with Field Trips Nearby, alternating weeks

***Field Trips are all pending confirmation***

CII - Colonial America

11/1  Native Americans Class

11/8  Field Trip: Environmental Science Day Camp - Yucaipa

11/15 Colonial Villages Class

11/22 OFF

11/29 Field Trip: Colonial Farm Life – Oak Glen

12/6  Frontier Holiday Class

12/13 Field Trip: Holiday tour – Oak Glen or Yucaipa

CIII - Revolutionary Era

1/10 Declaration of Independence Class

1/17  Field Trip: Founding Fathers Tour – Oak Glen

1/24 Revolutionary War Class

1/31  Field Trip: Revolutionary War – Oak Glen

2/7   Constitution Class

2/14  Field Trip: Politician office - Yucaipa


CIV - Frontier America

2/21 Civil War Class

2/28 Field Trip: Civil War – Oak Glen

3/7   Westward Expansion Class

3/14 Field Trip: Oak Glen Schoolhouse

3/21 Gold Rush Class

3/28 Field Trip: Gold Rush – Oak Glen

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One-room Schoolhouse and Mountain Man

$400 per 8-week component for the full day, 8:30-2:30

$216 per 8-week component for morning or afternoon only

Colonial America Classes and Field Trips

$300 per component – 3 field trips and three classes

$174 for three 4-hour classes 

$126 for three local field trips for one student and one chaperone

Students in Celebration Education and Inspire Charter Schools' specialty program can couple these classes with a second day of hands-on learning experiences in Yucaipa.


One-room Schoolhouse and Mountain Man

Providential Heritage Academy at Mile High Ranch

12929 Mile High Ranch Rd., Cherry Valley, CA 92223

DO NOT use GPS. Follow instructions here: 

Colonial America Classes and Field Trips

Classes at Yucaipa Study Center:

32819 Yucaipa Blvd., Suite 2, Yucaipa, CA 92399

Field Trips at various Yucaipa and Oak Glen venues.

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