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Explore early America, settle the west, reach the stars!

Crafting a Country

2021-2022 Weekly Topics

And Proposed Activities

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September 9

Opening Celebration: Explorers and Mayflower Crossing


Component I – Colonial America

September 13-17

Building a Colony

Log houses, 13 original colonies, Mayflower Compact, surviving, Roanoke​

September 20-24

Native Americans

Natural dyes, Colonial timeline, petroglyphs, Native American games, trading, Native American food

September 27 - October 1

Colonial Villages

Colonial craft, smallpox inoculation, Colonial schools, Colonial games, Colonial food storage, hopscotch

October 4-8

Colonial Farms

Spin wool, Colonial chores, square foot gardening, Colonial poetry, wells, pumpkins, Farm Families game

October 11-15

Colonial Trades

Silversmithing, pieces of eight, shop signs, Colonial money, Poor Richard's Almanac, wheat grinding, supply and demand, wheelbarrow races

October 18-22

Colonial Inventors

Printmaking, armonica, simple machines, logic problems, patents, fire brigade game​

Component II – Revolutionary Era

October 27

Celebration: Revolutionary War Reenactment

November 1-5


Boston Tea Party, paying taxes, Sons of Liberty, Sugar Act, Colonial treats, tax game

November 8-12

Revolutionary War

Secret messages, Betsy Ross Flag, women in the Revolutionary War, Revolutionary music, Revolutionary War vocabulary, Revolutionary War food, Revolutionary games

November 15-19

Declaration of Independence

Fireworks craft, liberty, grievances, estimating, Preamble, pen and ink, Colonial bells, Duck, duck, goose

November 22-26 (off)

November 29 - December 3

The Constitution

Gilded walnuts, kinds of government, presidential responsibilities, checks and balances, Preamble, ex post facto, debate, quoits game

December 6-10

The Bill of Rights

Star garland, amendments, freedom of religion, math game, right to petition, eminent domain, mock trial, search and seizure

December 13-17

America Today

Pommander craft, symbols of America, how a bill becomes a law, eagle populations, poetry, string popcorn and cranberries​

December 20

Holiday Celebration: Colonial Christmas


Component III – US Timeline

January 10-14

Founding Fathers

Campaign buttons, architectural styles, coin flipping, Book of Etiquette, parliamentary procedure

January 17-21

Westward Expansion

Paint with soil, vote for sheriff, budgeting for trekking, Lewis and Clarke, Oregon Trail, Pony Express

January 24-28

Civil War

Checkerboards, soldiers' items, fourscore, Gettysburg Address, Capture the Flag

January 31 - February 4

Industrial Revolution

Upcycling, industrialized food, recipes, 1000 words, assembly line, Model T Ford race

February 7-11


Trench art, WWII newspaper, Axis vs. Allies, wartime food, V-mail, moon phases, radio show, Civil War tag

February 14-18

Art and Science in America

Mount Rushmore, presidential timeline, Mars Rover, ages of presidents, art critic, art museum scavenger hunt, rockets, relay race​

February 23

Celebration: All President's Day


Component IV - 50 States

February 28 - March 4


State trees, elements, liberty, apples, minerals, Northeast food, Little League

March 7-11

The South

Paddle boats, coal garden, crossing the Missippi, poetry, Music City, cake run

March 14-18

The Midwest

cork husk dolls, caves, 3D math, Windy City, rock types, corn products,

March 21-25

Plains States

buzzer craft, tornadoes, Mount Rushmore, body language, aquifers, homesteading, Keepers of the Fire game

March 28 - April 1

Mountain States

Potato craft, rail workers, measuring horses, stories, genetics, rodeo, 

April 4-8

Pacific States

Totem poles, flower dissection, apple fractions, movies, temperate rainforests, tropical fruits​

April 13

Celebration: American Road Trip


Component V - California Dreamin'

April 18-22

Natural California

Poppies, leaf transpiration, blue whale, superlatives, tree height, nature scavenger hunt

April 25-29

Native Californians

Pinch pots, hunter/gatherers, Native American games, legends, comparisons, rhythm game

May 2-6


Cowboys, ranching

May 9-13

California Missions

Adobe bricks, mission model, a day in the life of mission living

May 16-20

Gold Rush

Prospector craft, gold rush game, flow chart, pan for gold, gold rush race

May 23-27

Golden Age of California

photo props, DNA model, minorities in California, movie vocabulary, red carpet, spacesuit​

June 1

Closing Celebration: America the Beautiful

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