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Raiders of the Renaissance Minds

Learn about Renaissance men and women throughout history

Celebration Education did this theme in 2008-2009.

Patterned after the Indiana Jones adventures, we explore the Renaissance era, space, transportation, communication, and the arts.

Here is a possible outline for the year:

Component I:

  1. Renaissance

  2. Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker

  3. Meeting at Guild Hall

  4. Three Bags Full

  5. Farmers and Bakers

  6. Candlestick Maker - Edison


Component II: Scientists

  1. Mind Over Matter

  2. Copernicus

  3. Galileo

  4. Einstein

  5. Leonardo

  6. Medical Minds (Semmelweiss)


Component III: Travel

  1. Venture Forth

  2. Merchant of Venice - Shakespeare (the idea of trade)

  3. Henry Ford (cars)

  4. Columbus (boats)

  5. Wright Brothers (airplanes)

  6. Reach for the Stars (rockets/space travel)


Component IV: Communication

  1. Echoes Through Time

  2. Gutenberg and Martin Luther

  3. Dits Dahs and Gaps (telegraph)

  4. Can You Hear Me Now? (telephone)

  5. Marconi (radio)

  6. Two Heads are Better Than One (computer/Internet)


Component V: Arts

  1. The Agony and The Ecstasy/Michelangelo

  2. Brunelleschi (architecture)

  3. Palestrina (music)

  4. Image-ination (movies)

  5. Image-ination (TV)

  6. Walt Disney

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