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Learning Like Leonardo

Inspired by the life and work of Leonardo daVinci

Celebration Education did this theme

in 2006-2007, 2010-2011, and 2017-2018.

Leonardo daVinci was interested in almost everything. In this theme, we follow Leonardo's example of curiosity as the best learning motivator. We explore a wide variety of topics, including art and science. 

Possible Schedule

Opening Celebration

Presente Il Magistro!

Component I - Presente Il Magistro


  1. Wonders of Childhood, Leonardo's Childhood

  2. L’Italia (Italy)

  3. Renaissance

  4. Leonardo's Masterpieces of Art - A gallery of Leonardo's works

  5. Journal Keeping

  6. That Makes Sense! - Students explore their five senses.

Celebration: Renaissance Faire

Component II - Riddles of Nature

  1. Riddles of Nature

  2. Element: Air - Students explore properties of weather

  3. Element: Earth - Students explore geology

  4. Element: Water - Students explore properties of water

  5. Leonardo's Pranks - Students explore the science and adventures of riddles and practical jokes

  6. Math, Naturally - finding patterns in nature, how math can be fun, naturally

Holiday Celebration: Buon Natale


Component III - The Art of Science

  1. Other Inventors

  2. Anatomy, Proportion of man

  3. Automatons – Leonardo's mechanical man and lion

  4. Astronomy

  5. Flying Machines - What flying machines did Leonardo imagine? Did they work? Why or why not?

  6. Flight Fest - Egg drop competition, paper airplane competition, etc.


Invention Convention Celebration: Festa Della Scienza

Component IV – Miracles at the End of the Brush


  1. Art History - major artists of the past, various art styles

  2. Art Methods and Mediums - Perspective, various mediums

  3. Birds and Horses as models

  4. Architecture - connecting art and architecture

  5. Technical Drawings - Different views of objects, including pull-apart views

  6. Celebration of Art

Celebration of Leonardo's Birthday: Buon Compleanno

Component V - As You Wish


  1. Music and Poetry - How can we affect others with music and poetry?

  2. Cartography - What do you know about maps?

  3. City Planning and Waterways - Leonardo had ideas of how a city should be laid out. 

  4. Craftsmen - Possible crafts include woodworking, metalworking, etc.

  5. War Machines

  6. France – Leonardo's final resting place

Closing Celebration: Meeting of Great Minds

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