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Kindergarten through high school

  • One-on-one
    $164 for four one-hour sessions
    Special! $299 for eight one-hour sessions, so students can get two sessions a week.

    $25 one-time assessment

  • Small Groups
    3-6 students at a time
    $64 for four one-hour sessions
    $25 one-time assessment

  • Homework Club
    Intended for grades K-8
    Monday through Thursday, 3 to 5.

    Students bring their homework to be completed at the center on their own and with the encouragement of the tutors. Students can come during any Homework Club hours.
    If your child needs a lot of hand-holding to complete their homework, consider the small group or individual tutoring hours. Homework Club is for homework help only,  not childcare. 
    $52 for four weeks

If this is your first time using our tutoring, please complete this form.

Email us to get the latest schedule.


Celebration Education Tutoring Center

32819 Yucaipa Blvd., Suite 2  

Yucaipa, CA  92399

(877) 676-8884

Also coming to Orange County!

Robin Leggewie

Alex Jaco

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