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S.T.E.A.M. World

Celebration Education also did this theme in 2014-2015.

Join Phileas Fogg on a journey around the world in 80 days as you learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math all while exploring the world's cultures!

Here's the schedule for the year: 

Download a printable version 

Opening Celebration: The Itinerary

chapters 1-3

Component I

  1. England
    chapter 4
    heraldry, castles, Stonehenge, Black Death, jousting

  2. Europe
    chapter 5
    architecture, newspapers, Joan of Arc, stock exchange, Galileo, scientific method, pizza dough, geography

  3. Egypt
    chapter 6
    hieroglyphs, pyramids, pharaohs, mummies

  4. Africa
    chapter 7
    African face mask, map making, solar power, Suez Canal

  5. Middle East
    chapter 8
    Islamic tile design, shortest route, planets, kites

  6. Yemen
    chapter 9
    mehndi, geography, budgeting, compasses, trade routes

Celebration: Brain Day

Component II

  1. India
    chapter 10
    four-color theorem, cartography, population, shoes, caste system, chess

  2. Flora and Fauna of India
    chapter 11
    elephants, diorama, tree diameter, animal tracks, jungles, Bengal tiger

  3. Asian Religions
    chapter 12-13
    Holi, adjectives, gematria, sacred gates, finger cymbals, Diwali

  4. Transportation of India 
    chapter 14
    cricket, modes of transportation, circumnavigation, transportation design, palanquins

  5. Indian Arts
    chapter 15
    rangoli, Antakshri, Taj Mahal, symmetry, legal system, belly dancing

  6. Bay of Bengal
    chapter 16
    panorama, fish types, map scale, knot tying, coral reefs, clownfish

Celebration: Joy to the World -- holiday celebrations around the world

Component III

  1. Southeast Asia
    chapter 17
    batik, currency, planets, mangoes

  2. China
    chapter 18
    new year's dragon, Great Wall, ice cream, barometer, silk

  3. Hong Kong
    chapter 19
    Chinese drum, substance abuse, Yang Hui Triangle, rolling ball structure, chopsticks

  4. Chinese Transportation
    chapter 20
    sumi-e, cars in China, speed, maglev train, helicopters, Marco Polo

  5. Japanese Arts
    chapters 21-22
    Wabi-Sabi, manga, landscapes, tsunamis, ikebana, haiku

  6. Japan
    chapter 23
    zen garden, 19th century Japan, soroban, sushi, otedama

Celebration: Chinese New Year

Component IV

  1. Weather
    (chapter 21)
    storms, how seasons are made, weather tracking, wind, El Nino, treasure map

  2. Pacific Ocean
    chapter 24
    ocean life, ocean currents, 24-hour clock, paddle-wheel, squid dissection

  3. San Francisco
    chapter 25
    fog, icons of San Francisco, earthquakes, Fisherman's Wharf

  4. US Flora and Fauna
    chapter 26
    Bison, animal classification, cells

  5. US Religions
    chapter 27
    religious symbols, fallacies, brine shrimp, acceptance

  6. Bridges
    chapter 28
    water lilies, bridges of the world, jump a gap, build a bridge

Celebration: Art and Science Fair

Component V

  1. Native Americans
    chapter 29
    Native American colors, legends, math games, three sisters, Native American foods

  2. US Arts
    chapter 30
    qualities of art, scaling, music, musical groups, art relay

  3. US Transportation
    chapter 31
    Route 66, plane capacity, telegraph, transcontinental railroad

  4. New York
    chapter 32
    apples, tour New York City, price comparisons, hot air, Broadway, Coney Island

  5. Atlantic Ocean
    chapter 33
    shell painting, Titanic, coral, buoyancy

  6. Homecoming
    chapters 34-37
    scrapbooking, book report, international dateline

Closing Celebration


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