Celebration Education did this theme in 2012-2013.

This theme is heavy in nature studies as we explore four unique biomes, including the desert, jungle & mountains, oceans, and the poles. In each of these places we discuss survival, explorers, flora and fauna, lost treasures and natural wonders. The celebrations with this theme are super field trips to mountains, desert and ocean, with overnight options.

Here is a possible outline for the year:

Component I: Join the Society of Intrepid Explorers!

  1. Opening Celebration - Introduce exploring, compasses, four biomes, discuss preparedness

  2. Famous Explorers - Magellan, Lewis & Clark, Vikings, runes, spice trade, mapping, Viking treasure hunt

  3. Explorer's Tool Kit - Survival and emergency supplies

  4. Training for Adventure - Reading, studying, languages, physical preparation, library, map making, learn to observe

  5. Survival Tips - Ancient hunting tools, survival food, food pyramid, staying safe

  6. Calling All Explorers - The Adventure Begins, explorer record book, world coordinates, bedrolls, Hardcastle's rules

Component II: Polar Quest

  1. Special Equipment and Preparation - Dangers at the poles, igloos, weather, fire safety, seasons

  2. Find New Creatures - Huskies, polar bears, Inuit soapstone carvings, pets, animal classification, bird count, Polar fat

  3. Seek Out New Lands - John Frankling, Scott of the Antarctic, Race to the Pole, Polar fashion show, Polar waste management

  4. Discover Natural Wonders - Icebergs, glaciers, northern lights, Polar temperatures, telegraph science

  5. Search for Lost Cities and Treasure - Endurance, Santa's Village, base camp, time zones, letter writing, holidays

  6. Celebration in the Snow - Hobo stoves, conservation activity, dogsled demonstration, two-way radio demonstration, make cookies, Polar Express, holiday sing-along

Component III: Desert Adventures

  1. Special Equipment and Preparation - finding water, desert temperatures, water cycle

  2. Find New Creatures - Camels, Scorpions, animal tracks, desert diorama, desert dichotomous key, 72-hour kits, bush tucker, desert web of life

  3. Seek Out New Lands - Howard Carter & Lord Carnarvon, Burke & Willis, Aboriginal craft, Timbuktu, Arabic calligraphy, tell time by the sun, Australia Day food, boomerangs

  4. Search for Lost Cities and Treasure - Exploring a tomb, Egyptian death mask, papyrus, mummy's curse, oil candles, Egyptian food, Egyptian artifacts

  5. Discover Natural Wonders - Mirages, sandstorms, Grand Canyon, Adrinkra cloth, Senet, emergency survival kit, experiment with erosion, sandstorms, and mirages, game from Zimbabwe

  6. Celebration in the Desert - Desert hike, weave baskets, conservation activity, solar oven, African games

Component IV: Across Oceans and Beneath the Sea

  1. Special Equipment and Preparation - Boats, diving equipment, submarine, sailing skills, dangers at sea, starfinder, ocean water experiments, word roots, knots

  2. Find New Creatures - Sea monsters, creatures of the deep, concrete poetry, squid dissection, ocean food chain

  3. Seek Out New Lands - Northwest Passage, Columbus, Ancient Explorers, Atlantis, daGama, Cook, Darwin, Amunsen, Galapagos Islands, ocean currents, Bermuda Triangle, timeline of exploration, signal mirrors, water density

  4. Discover Natural Wonders - Volcanoes, hydrothermal vents, ocean abysses, ocean water layers, Great Barrier Reef, military time, Hawaiian language, emergency sanitation supplies

  5. Search for Lost Treasure - Famous Shipwrecks, sunken treasure, Titanic, emergency shelter, shipwreck survival

  6. Celebration on the Ocean - Make and race boats, symbiosis, conservation activity

Component V: Into the Jungle and Conquering Mountains

  1. Special Equipment and Preparation - Dangers of the peaks, dangers of the jungle, first aid kit, first aid

  2. Seek Out New Lands - Mallory and Irvine, Livingstone and Stanley, jungle diorama, rain forest food, Stanley's adventure

  3. Find New Creatures - Piranhas, poison dart frogs, poisonous insects, venomous snakes, boa constrictors, tigers, crocodiles, tree cookies, safari, forest types, bird watching, lashing

  4. Search for lost Cities - El Dorado, Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, Seven Cities of Cibola, worry dolls, Aztec society and calendar, Maya glyphs, maiz

  5. Discover Natural Wonders - The Nile, highest peaks, press flowers, trail maps, cliffhangers, survival scenario, how mountains are formed, forest consumers

  6. Closing Celebration/Survival Campout - conservation activity, survival hike, build emergency shelter, nature hunt

Based on A Daring Guide for Young Adventurers by Sir Henry Hardcastle

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