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Journey Program - Basic

Two exciting learning days each week

All school subjects are integrated into

the yearly theme and the weekly topics.


The Basic Journey Program includes:

Day 1:

Weekly Workshop and Enrichment (two hours)

Students attend a weekly workshop with eight child-involved activities that integrate several school subjects. These activities include:

  • a craft

  • Topic key points

  • Collaborative activities

  • Language arts activities

  • Math/logic activities

  • Character connection

  • Larger, high interest activity

  • Physical activity

  • Group projects.

  • Enrichment Classes - offering vary by location - See the enrichment classes.

Group Projects (half hour)

Your child will have the opportunity work on group projects at workshop. Additionally, we encourage her to work on individual long-term projects.

These are interesting activities and projects that relate to the weekly topics. Help your child select the activities she will work on at home. Allow her to study the topic as long as she likes. These projects can encompass reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and arts. Help her prepare something to share at next week's workshop. Go here to see each week's fireworks.

School Day 2:

Weekly "Being There"
This is how the students get to fully immerse themselves in the week's topic. Students may participate in one of these programs:

    - Weekly field trips that relate to the weekly topic

    - Weekly events on our Minecraft server.


Enrichment Classes

Where available, students can take a full day of enrichment classes instead of the "Being There" experiences. See the enrichment classes.


Total cost for this program:

$600 for each 6-week component (5 components a year)

We accept charter school funds, which may pay for all or part of the program. Families are responsible for paying the difference.

How to enroll

  1. Let us know about your interest. Send an email to .
    We will invite you to visit one of our workshop classes for free.

  2. After discussing your options, we will help you register.

  3. We provide resources to you and you start classes!

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