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Co-op in Redlands

Discounted classes held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Redlands,

designed to help out this year's school "refugees."

$125 membership fee per family for the school year, payable directly to The ARK Church for the use of their space.

Only $18-$50 for each 6-week class!

This co-op was created in response to changes that have come about over the summer,

so we're still adding classes. Some of the classes are Christian, others are not.

Go here to see the currently proposed classes.

Go here to register for the classes that are available now.

To keep costs low, we're asking for parents/caregivers to volunteer to help on site. Go here to sign up for volunteer slots.

Classes start on October 27.

Classes are held at The ARK Redlands: 1307 East Citrus Avenue, Redlands, CA, 92374

Celebration Education is looking for additional teachers to offer classes for the school "refugees." If you'd like to be involved, please complete this proposal form.


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