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Celebration Education for Low-Cost and Free!

This fall, Celebration Education is offering:

  • Our classic in-person classes in Santa Ana and Redlands for K-6 and teens for a reduced rate for families that pay out of pocket. Email us to find out what discounts are available. Please specify the location and classes you're interested in.

  • Live online classes that come with materials for fun at-home projects. Online classes are less expensive than in-person classes.

  • FREE at-home lesson outlines that can be used as a full curriculum-free learning experience at home or in a learning pod.

  • A low-price co-op in Redlands specifically designed for families that pay out of pocket. Six weeks of one-hour classes cost only $18-$50! Parent participation is required.

Classes start on September 8! Register for your chosen classes by August 14.


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