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CIII Enrichment in Santa Ana

Fridays, 9-2

Take one, two, or three classes in one day

$330 for the full day (3 classes)

9:30 - 10:30

Pets and Poetry

Science, projects, and poetry about our favorite animals.

Ages 5-12

$108 for six weeks

Writing Stories, Making Movies

Students participate in every aspect of producing a theatrical or film production.

Every great play or film begins with a well-developed and well-written screenplay. In this class, students work collaboratively to first write their screenplay, then produce, direct, star, design props and costumes, taking part in every aspect of producing the film or play including post production and editing. We will possibly create a greenscreen film, a play for the stage, or a short film. If your student loves theater and film, would like to learn more about what occurs behind the scenes, and wants to participate in producing a play/film then join this class and let’s discover what is possible when we come together and collaborate our creative genius to create an amazing story.

Ages 7-18

$132 for six weeks

10:45 - 11:45

Wonderland Science and Vlogging

Students perform science experiments and vlog about it.

Ages 5-12

$108 for six weeks

Math is Art

Develop a solid foundation of math facts, play fun math related games, and create math related art projects.

This supplemental math class combines 4 different activities:

  • learning math facts

  • using Math Tiles to practice math skills

  • playing fun math-related table and technology games

  • creating beautiful math-related art projects.

If you love math and want to work hard on building a strong math foundation this is the class for you!

Ages 5-14

$132 for six weeks

12:30 - 1:30

Chess and Card Games

Students learn the basics of chess and card games and challenge one another in mini games and full chess games.

Ages 5-12

$108 for six weeks

Ms. Heidi’s Santosha Yoga​​

Learn poses, mindful breathing, play games, engage in art activities.

Santosha Yoga means finding happiness and contentment in everything. Students learn poses, stretches, play games, participate in art activities, and mindful breathing. Yoga’s benefits include balance, focus, improves athleticism with any sport activity, inner and outer respect and appreciation for self, others, and environment.

Ages 5-12

$132 for six weeks

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