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Architecture Activities and Fireworks

March 19-23

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Tower of Hanoi

2. Key Points – Block it Out – Introductions to some of the most famous buildings

3. Collaborative – Building Bridges

4. Writing – Building Descriptions – Descriptive paragraphs

5. Math/Logic – Yardstick Arithmetic Game

6. Genius Principle – Design Your Learning Space

7. Big Activity – Bridge Design Challenge

8. Movement - Blind Builder – Team Building Game

Field Trip

3/28 Bridges Tour

Minecraft Activities

  1. Famous buildings quiz game

  2. Architectural features

  3. Types of bridges

  4. Build challenge: Architectural styles

Upcoming Activities

  • Weekly Teen Hang Outs – Wednesdays in Santa Ana


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Play with Keva Planks, Legos, Lincoln Logs, etc. Can you make strong bridges?

  • Build a Geodesic dome (Look up Buckminster Fuller).

  • Discover an “Eighth Wonder of the World". Write about it. It can be real or imagined.

  • Act as a building inspector. Inspect your house to make sure that it is a good building. List your reasons why it is or isn’t.

  • Read books (fiction or non-fiction) about architecture.

  • Work on your genius project.

  • Work on a doghouse project:

  • Play some math games.

  • Gather family and/or friends and build a human pyramid. You will need at least one more person on the bottom level than on the level above.

  • Can you build a house model out of sugar cubes, craft sticks or gingerbread? Be as creative as possible!

  • Design a building for the future, incorporating possible changes in lifestyle and environment.

  • Figure out what kind of dwelling is best suited for your area. Take into account cost and availability of materials and workers as well as effects on the environment.

  • Photograph many different kinds of buildings in your area and look for clues to decide when the building was constructed.

  • Survey your town or a few blocks in your town and note the different kinds of buildings there. Classify them as to use and/or architecture.

  • Play some online architecture games:



  • Find out as much as you can about the building you live in. When was it built? What different families have lived there? What important things happened around the same time the building was new?

  • Photograph and classify buildings of worship in your area. Make a photo album of these buildings.

  • Design your dream home, school, or shopping center. Make drawings for this facility.

  • Visit some architectural achievements, including bridges.

  • Visit an architect.

  • Build a Castle from Blocks or Legos.

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